lifeblood: bootlegs: 1988-1990 thin line (various songs)

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01. i should have never crossed your path (5:07) (listen)
02. cold as ice (4:07) (listen)
03. draw the line (2:58) (listen)
04. life's so strange (4:59) (listen)
05. mona lisas and mad hatters (4:46) (listen)
06. half moon cafe (3:39) (listen)
07. thin line (3:22) (listen)
08. no way to treat a friend (3:02) (listen)
09. up in smoke (4:39) (listen)
10. the ballad of squeaky fromme (4:10) (listen)

song compilation and included notes from the albums that should exist blog:

"the indigo girls - thin line - various songs (1988-1990)

i've posted two albums by the indigo girls, covering their years in the early to mid-1980s, before they hit it big. this album deals with their unreleased studio outtakes right around they hit it big, with their 1989 album "indigo girls." nearly all the songs here are outtakes from that album.

as i mentioned in those previous posts, i really like the indigo girls' music in the 1980s and through most of the 1990s, but i'm much less impressed by what they've done since. i'm not sure why, but in my opinion, they peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s - right when these songs were recorded. i'd rather hear their unreleased songs from this time period that most of what they've done since about 2000 or so.

even though none of the songs here have been officially released, not even on their "rarities" album (except for a different version of "thin line" on the "1200 curfews" live album), i think this makes up one of their strongest albums. all of the songs are original, except for "thin line" and "mona lisas and mad hatters."

by the way, i consider this a 1989 album. it contains one song, "the ballad of squeaky fromme," from 1990, but that song was written a couple of years earlier and i only picked that version due to sound quality.

01. i should have never crossed your path (indigo girls)
02. cold as ice (indigo girls)
03. draw the line (indigo girls)
04. life's so strange (indigo girls)
05. mona lisas and mad hatters (indigo girls)
06. half moon cafe (indigo girls)
07. thin line (indigo girls)
08. no way to treat a friend (indigo girls)
09. up in smoke (indigo girls)
10. the ballad of squeaky fromme (indigo girls)"

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