lifeblood: bootlegs: 1988-1994 love by you (cover versions)

(original mp3 recording converted to wav format, source files included in the individual tracks zip file)


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01. summertime (3:54) (listen)
02. white house blues (3:11) (listen)
03. love by you (2:46) (listen)
04. love of the common people (2:53) (listen)
05. american tune (3:50) (listen)
06. melissa (4:37) (listen)
07. in the bleak midwinter (2:52) (listen)
08. daddy's all gone (3:02) (listen)
09. bartender's blues (4:59) (listen)
10. the water is wide (3:57) (listen)
11. cortez the killer (4:40) (listen)
12. tired of talkin' (3:12) (listen)
13. duncan (3:14) (listen)
bonus track. good times (let the good times roll) (3:15) (listen)

song compilation and included notes from the albums that should exist blog:

"the indigo girls - love by you - various cover versions (1988-1994)

here's a companion to the indigo girls album i posted last week. that one covered mostly original songs done in the studio from 1988 to 1990. this is all live performances, from concerts, tv, or radio show appearances, and all cover versions. it also covers a longer time period, from 1988 to 1994.

i like the indigo girls both because of their songwriting and their musical talent, especially their intertwining harmonies and emily salier's tasteful lead guitar playing. unfortunately, their songwriting can be hit or miss, in my opinion. but when they cover great songs, you can't go wrong with their performances, especially since they usually play the songs in the acoustic style that they excel in. this is mostly an acoustic album, with a few exceptions, like their rocking version of neil young's "cortez the killer."

this album has two types of cover songs, in my opinion. mostly, they do famous, classic songs, such as "summertime," "american tune," and "melissa." but they also do a lot of covers of much less well known songs, often by artists from georgia that they know personally. this includes "white house blues," "love by you," and "tired of talkin'."

the sound quality is generally excellent, even though all of the songs come from bootlegs. one partial exception is their version of "good times (let the good times roll)." since it's a bit rough, i've included it as a bonus track.

01. summertime (indigo girls)
02. white house blues (indigo girls)
03. love by you (indigo girls)
04. love of the common people (indigo girls)
05. american tune (indigo girls)
06. melissa (indigo girls)
07. in the bleak midwinter (indigo girls)
08. daddy's all gone (indigo girls)
09. bartender's blues (indigo girls)
10. the water is wide (indigo girls)
11. cortez the killer (indigo girls)
12. tired of talkin' (indigo girls)
13. duncan (indigo girls)
good times [let the good times roll] (indigo girls)"

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