lifeblood: bootlegs: 1990-1993 closer to fine (acoustic versions)

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01. watershed (5:19) (listen)
02. closer to fine (4:02) (listen)
03. hammer and a nail (3:46) (listen)
04. world falls (3:39) (listen)
05. joking (3:42) (listen)
06. cedar tree (3:33) (listen)
07. love will come to you (4:50) (listen)
08. ghost (4:35) (listen)
09. jonas and ezekial (3:39) (listen)
10. galileo (4:27) (listen)
11. romeo and juliet (4:57) (listen)

song compilation and included notes from the albums that should exist blog:

"the indigo girls - center stage - various acoustic songs (1988-1989)

here's the second in a series of albums of all acoustic versions of the indigo girls' best songs. of course, their music is generally acoustic-based to begin with, but they generally have had full-band arrangements on their albums. this strips them all the way down to just their voices and acoustic guitars.

i've posted one album in this series already, which covers the years 1988 to 1989. that was the time when they released their breakthrough album simply called "indigo girls." that had the hit song "closer to fine" on it, but i didn't put that song on my first acoustic album, because i couldn't find an excellent sounding all-acoustic version. it's here instead, because i found the version i was looking for, from 1990.

virtually all the other songs here are acoustic versions of songs from their next two albums, "nomads, indians, saints" in 1990 and "rites of passage" in 1992. personally, i think the late 1980s and early 1990s were their creative peak, and there's no doubt that was their peak of commercial success.

thanks again to the website, for making available all the unreleased material that allowed me to find the best sounding acoustic recordings, usually from in-studio radio appearances.

01. watershed (indigo girls)
02. closer to fine (indigo girls)
03. hammer and a nail (indigo girls)
04. world falls (indigo girls)
05. joking (indigo girls)
06. cedar tree (indigo girls)
07. love will come to you (indigo girls)
08. ghost (indigo girls)
09. jonas and ezekial (indigo girls)
10. galileo (indigo girls)
11. romeo and juliet (indigo girls)

i named this album "closer to fine" mainly so i could use this cover, which is a little known cover, based on the "maxi-single" version of their hit single. i added some text at the bottom."

(lifeblood site note: the cover is included in the mp3 zip file)

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