lifeblood: bootlegs: 1994-1998 shame on you (acoustic versions)

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01. reunion (acoustic mix) (3:23) (listen)
02. dead man's hill (acoustic mix) (4:31) (listen)
03. mystery (acoustic mix) (4:02) (listen)
04. the wood song (4:07) (listen)
05. three hits (2:53) (listen)
06. power of two (4:38) (listen)
07. least complicated (3:54) (listen)
08. get out the map (3:28) (listen)
09. shame on you (3:47) (listen)
10. it's alright (2:56) (listen)
11. everything in its own time (4:59) (listen)
12. shed your skin (3:49) (listen)

song compilation and included notes from the albums that should exist blog:

the indigo girls - shame on you - acoustic versions (1994-1998)

my series of albums with acoustic versions of the indigo girls' most beloved songs continues.

the album covers the time period in which the studio albums "swamp ophelia" (1994) and "shaming of the sun" (1997) were released. four of the songs were officially released, mostly as b-sides. but it doesn't matter much if it was officially released or not, because the unreleased songs all come from in-person radio appearances, with pristine sound. in fact, two of the unreleased songs come from the same exact radio appearance as one of the officially released ones, and you can't tell the difference in sound quality.

there's not much else to say here except if you like the indigo girls when they're stripped down to just their great vocal harmonies and their acoustic guitars, as i do, you should enjoy this.

by the way, i've got one more album in this series to post eventually. it covers 1997 to 2003. (my interest in the duo drops significantly after that.)

01. reunion [acoustic mix] (indigo girls)
02. dead man's hill [acoustic mix] (indigo girls)
03. mystery [acoustic mix] (indigo girls)
04. the wood song (indigo girls)
05. three hits (indigo girls)
06. power of two (indigo girls)
07. least complicated (indigo girls)
08. get out the map (indigo girls)
09. shame on you (indigo girls)
10. it's alright (indigo girls)
11. everything in its own time (indigo girls)
12. shed your skin (indigo girls)

i chose to call this album "shame on you" mainly so i could use this album cover and not have to make my own. this is the cover to the "shame on you" single, with some extra text added by me at the bottom.

01. gone again (indigo girls)
02. go (indigo girls)
03. peace tonight (indigo girls)
04. cold beer and remote control (indigo girls)
05. ozilline (indigo girls)
06. soon be to nothing (indigo girls)
07. moment of forgiveness (indigo girls)
08. become you (indigo girls)
09. our deliverance (indigo girls)
10. deconstruction (indigo girls)
11. let me go easy (indigo girls)

i really like the cover art i use here. i randomly stumbled across a photo of some stained glass, or at least what looks like stained glass, announcing a 2018 indigo girls concert. i removed some text and replaced it with my own text. i wish most album covers could look this classy.

(lifeblood site note: the cover is included in the mp3 zip file)

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