lifeblood: bootlegs: 1998-2003 let me go easy (acoustic versions)

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01. gone again (3:40) (listen)
02. go (3:54) (listen)
03. peace tonight (3:42) (listen)
04. cold beer and remote control (3:54) (listen)
05. ozilline (4:04) (listen)
06. soon be to nothing (4:16) (listen)
07. moment of forgiveness (3:05) (listen)
08. become you (3:51) (listen)
09. our deliverance (4:11) (listen)
10. deconstruction (4:11) (listen)
11. let me go easy (3:22) (listen)

song compilation and included notes from the albums that should exist blog:

the indigo girls - let me go easy - acoustic versions (1998-2003)

i've said here previously that i enjoy the indigo girls' material in the 1980s and 1990s, but around the turn of the millennium i feel their songwriting hasn't maintained their previous high standards. i still believe that. that said, i think all the songs here are solid, or i wouldn't bother with them.

this is the fourth (and likely last) of my albums collecting acoustic versions of the best indigo girls songs. of course, they had a acoustic song in general, but this strips them back to just their voices and acoustic guitars. as with the previous albums in this series, it uses unreleased recordings of in-person radio station appearances. that means the sound is pretty much studio quality.

in short, if you enjoyed the previous three albums in this series, you should enjoy this one too. i'm a pretty tough critic of latter-day indigo girls music, which means i only complied the songs i felt were really good, and not all the songs that fit the format.

once again, thanks to the website, which collected all the performances used here and makes them easily available for anyone.

01. gone again (indigo girls)
02. go (indigo girls)
03. peace tonight (indigo girls)
04. cold beer and remote control (indigo girls)
05. ozilline (indigo girls)
06. soon be to nothing (indigo girls)
07. moment of forgiveness (indigo girls)
08. become you (indigo girls)
09. our deliverance (indigo girls)
10. deconstruction (indigo girls)
11. let me go easy (indigo girls)

i really like the cover art i use here. i randomly stumbled across a photo of some stained glass, or at least what looks like stained glass, announcing a 2018 indigo girls concert. i removed some text and replaced it with my own text. i wish most album covers could look this classy.

(lifeblood site note: the cover is included in the mp3 zip file)

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