lifeblood: bootlegs: attack of the killer b-sides volume 8


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01. locked up (emily saliers) (from the 2012 film "that's what she said", contains dialogue from the film, emily's vocals start around the 1:17 mark) (4:39) (listen)
02. one weekend theme (emily saliers) (instrumental) (from the 2006 short film "one weekend a month", performed by marty kearns, plays as the credits roll) (1:32) (listen)
03. born to run (emily saliers) (from the 2019 release "born to uke") (4:31) (album was an mp3 only release) (listen)
04. do you hear what i hear (with john driskell hopkins and the atlanta pops) (from the 2015 release "in the spirit - a celebration of the holidays") (4:31) (listen)
05. carolina in the pines (with alison brown) (from the 2015 release "song of the banjo") (4:57) (listen)
06. a little good news (with anne murray) (from the 2007 release "duets: friends and legends") (3:59) (listen)
07. cannonball (from the 2017 release "cover stories: brandi carlile celebrates 10 years of the story (an album to benefit war child)") (3:47) (listen)
08. refugee (amy ray and the butchies) (from the 2001 promo release "stag - live from san francisco") (4:08) (listen)
09. homeward bound (2005 stolen moments - alison brown) (4:05) (listen)
10. least complicated (from the 1995 release "live at the world cafe (volume 1)") (3:54) (listen)
11. deportee (plane wreck at los gatos) (from the 2018 time-life release "rock and roll hall of fame: in concert (2017)") (5:36) (listen)
12. the night they drove old dixie down (from the 2018 time-life release "rock and roll hall of fame: in concert (2017)") (3:37) (listen)
13. closer to fine (sicko) (from the 1994 release "you can feel the love in this room") (3:08) (listen)
15. emily's scene (emily saliers as andrea (ben's mom), joseph baird as ben) (from the 2015 film "ben & ara") (2:03) (listen)
15. fate's a cold face (emily saliers) (from the 2015 film "ben & ara", plays over the end credits) (2:41) (listen)
16. perfect world (from the 2004 release "crowd around the mic volume 8" from wncw) (3:31) (listen)
17. airplane (from the the indigo girls youtube channel, recorded 2009-07-21 at the fillmore - san francisco, california and released 2009-07-29) (3:39) (listen)
18. ready to settle (from the "high fidelity" broadway musical cast concert, where amy and emily played this parody song from the show that was written as a tribute to them) (2013-05-19: 54 below - new york, new york, unreleased) (3:54) (listen)

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