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date: mon, 16 feb 1998 17:15:43 -0500 (est)
subject: [none]

hi everyone,
precedence: bulk

this is the first ever post to this new list, so i'd like to
welcome you all!

just a reminder - the more information you submit to this list,
the better a resource it'll be.  also, if you have any feedback
about how this list could be made better, please don't hesitate
to let me know at either or  it's been awhile since i've run a list of
this sort so remember - if you don't tell me i won't know.  and
as long as you tell me politely, i don't mind. :)

okay, i think that's all.  welcome again and i look forward to
good things happening here in the future!


ps - i'm going to be away for parts of next week and parts of
the week after that but i should have email access every few
days at least, so you won't be missing anything there, i
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
* i will be on the road between february 21 and february 26 1998. *
     "don't ever be afraid to open up your eyes
      so you can see tomorrow..."       - merril bainbridge
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date: mon, 16 feb 1998 17:15:53 -0500 (est)
from: mel <>
subject: ig-news tv times update

hi folks-

back by semi-popular demand!

all times, where noted, are est. all days and times are subject to
change (as always). times given as "fri/sat 12 mid" should be obvious...
however... midnight is 12 am of the following day (sat), though usually
thought of as the night before (fri)... confused yet?! and, as always,
check local listings, especially for pbs (unless you never watch tv
anyway, in which case... why are you reading this?!).  ;)

tue feb 24  11:35 pm   cbs   d. letterman: sarah mclachlan

wed feb 25   8:00 pm   cbs   grammy awards: ig nom - best contemporary
                              folk album-sots - award not televised
                              (ig are so interested, they'll be in
                              australia. dylan expected to win.)

sat feb 28  10:00 pm   vh1   storytellers: s. mclachlan w paula cole

sat feb 28/ 12:00 mid  pbs   austin city limits: ig w vonda shepard
sun feb 29                    and mark eitzel; also kim richey

fri mar 20/
sat mar 21
- -- or --    12:00 mid  abc   in concert: p. cole, shawn colvin, and
sat mar 21/                              jonatha brooke
sun mar 22

fri mar 27  11:35 pm   cbs   d. letterman: ani difranco (tentative)

sat/sun  12 mid - feb, mar, apr   pbs   some great "sessions at west
                                         54th" repeats

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date: mon, 16 feb 1998 17:16:02 -0500 (est)
subject: ig-news ig/ani/&others on tribute cd

fwd >>>
independent label appleseed recordings makes stunning debut by assembling
  renowned singers, actor tim robbins, and top international performers for

double cd of new recordings

west chester, pa., feb. 16 /prnewswire/ -- celebrating the remarkable career
and profound impact of folk singer and political activist pete seeger, an
unprecedented assemblage of performers that spans generations and
international borders appears on a new double cd, where have all the flowers
gone, released today by appleseed recordings, an independent label making its
debut with this extraordinary collection.

bruce springsteen, jackson browne, bonnie raitt, billy bragg, judy collins,
peter, paul and mary, and ani difranco are among the performers who join
actor tim robbins, pulitzer prize-winning author studs terkel, and
politically active musicians from bosnia, ireland, scotland, england, canada,
and mexico on the discs. all acknowledge their debt to seeger by performing
songs or poems he has written and sung over the past half century to champion
the labor movement, peace, civil rights, and the environment.

seeger himself concludes the album with the debut of a new song, "and still i
am searching," which he completed late last year. the 50th anniversary of his
legendary folk group, the weavers, also is celebrated on the discs by a
reissue of their classic "wimoweh," as well as a performance by seeger's
former weavers colleague ronnie gilbert of a new version of "empty pocket

bruce springsteen performs a stirring rendition of "we shall overcome"; tim
robbins, backed by a large children's chorus, sings a dramatic version of
"all my children of the sun"; jackson browne and bonnie raitt sing "kisses
sweeter than wine"; and studs terkel -- at 85, the oldest performer on the
discs -- reads "oh, sacred world" and "blessed be the nation," a poem written
by seeger and jim musselman, the founder of appleseed recordings and once an
attorney with ralph nader.

among the performers and the songs they sing are the indigo girls ("letter to
eve"); judy collins ("oh had i a golden thread"); ani difranco ("my name is
lisa kalvelage"); peter, paul and mary ("all mixed up"); richie havens ("of
time and rivers flowing"); odetta ("one grain of sand"); nanci griffith ("if
i had a hammer"); and donovan ("rainbow race").  dick gaughan of scotland
sings seeger's anti-vietnam war song, "waist deep in big muddy"; billy bragg
of england sings "my father's mansions"; bruce cockburn of canada sings
"turn, turn, turn"; and tish hinojosa from mexico sings "festival of
flowers," half in spanish and half in english.

source  appleseed recordings

co:  appleseed recordings

st:  pennsylvania

in:  ent

su:  pdt

02/16/98 08:07 est
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date: mon, 16 feb 1998 22:20:22 -0500 (est)
subject: [none]

hey everyone,
precedence: bulk

sorry about the confusing format of the earlier messages.
i think i've got it figured out now...

seeing as how i'm still pretty undecided as to exactly
what should or should not be forwarded through this list,
i think i'd hold a little survey to see what you guys
think.  please let me know which of the following you
are/are not interested in reading about, by mail at
either or

* boot tree announcements
* "collectibles for sale" announcements
* specific tour info such as onsale dates etc (not tour
        dates, which i'm going to assume everyone's
        interested in)
* well-written concert reviews from individuals (as
        opposed to reviews from newspapers etc, which
        will usually be forwarded - and yes, i know it'll
        be very subjective about what's well-written and
        what's not)

hmm... thanks folks,
=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
"i'll breathe and grieve and struggle and strive and love and love and
love, and if i'm lucky, once - just once - the dream will drop to the
floor and shatter in shards of silence.  but i will see, i will see,
in the pattern of the pieces i will see... something.  this will,
this will, this will happen..."                - peter mulvey

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date: mon, 16 feb 1998 22:16:53 est
subject: [ig-news] a&e nominated!

... following is a portion of the original message...
> in the february march april 1998 (vol.11, no.2) issue of native peoples, there
> is ballot for the native american music awards and, under the heading
> "greatest contribution by a non-native artist,"  indigo girls are listed!!
> they are #4 of 9 and are listed as "indigo girls 'honor the earth.'"  the
> results will be posted in the march issue of rhythmmusic magazine.  the
> deadline is already past (we received the issue after the deadline :() but
> let's hope they win!!

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #1

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