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  [ig-news] ig in in*press magazine, melbourne, feb 18 1998  [sherlyn koo <s]
  [ig-news] dickinson- more info and some rehash  [jennifer brust <jennyb@op]
  [ig-news] kentucky show                    ["a. taub" <>]
  [ig-news] festival info                    ["a. taub" <>]


date: thu, 5 mar 1998 09:39:25 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] ig in in*press magazine, melbourne, feb 18 1998

hey everyone,

this article appeared in in*press magazine, a melbourne
street paper, on 18 february 1998.

- -sherlyn

indigo girls
the colour purple

amy ray and emily saliers of the indigo girls, have been bringing their
beautiful melodies to the world now for twelve years.  for them though,
life is not just about the escapism for music, rather, their work is
intrinsically linked with politics and activism.  on the eve of their
forthcoming national tour, amy ray speaks about all things motivational
and inspirational.

you've just done a tour titled honour the earth.  can you explain what
motivated that whole tour?
"honour the earth is a campaign that we started about six years ago.
what we do is that we have a board of native american indigenous
activists who are working on issues that have to do with the environment
and sacred sites, land issues and community issues.  mostly, it's
environmental.  we go on a tour every tour season and raise money for
this campaign and then we give grants to different groups doing this
work.  i guess the impetus behind it was that we have been involved in
the environmental movement for a long time and we decided that a lot of
the issues we were working on really had a lot of emphasis in the indian
communities, so we decided to start working with indian activists so we
could be more effective and create more change that way.  the last tour
we did we raised $250,000, gave out twenty different grants to
environmental groups, and we focussed on a nuclear issue, toxic waste
issues and paper mills poisoning rivers and such.  on the tour we go into
indian communities and we visit to learn about the issues that they're
facing, environmentally, and then we play shows in major cities with
speakers at every show and it's really an educational tour as much as it
is a tour to make money for the benefit."

have you felt the need to streamline your efforts for different causes?
"we do a lot of different issues.  we do gay rights issues, we do gun
control, pro-choice, women's issues, but as far as environmental groups
go, the main emphasis right now that we have has been in the indigenous
communities, as well as communities of colour and communities that are on
a low socio-economic level.  we feel that those are the ones that are
really being hit on the hardest in our country."

is your music a good way to communicate political messages, or at least
a good way to bring people together and to consider these topics?
"it's a good way to bring people together but we're careful.  most of the
year our touring is just music.  in the lobbies of the shows we will have
tables set up where people can look at resources, but we don't really make
an issue out of it.  and then we'll have specific benefit shows. it's
important i think if you're going to use music to bring people together,
then you must be very clear on whey they're coming together, and people
understand why they are there so they can make a choice whether they want
to be there or not.  and i think it's important also to have a time when
you just bring people together and just play music, not to talk about
issues, but to celebrate life!"

you constantly tour and manage to record often and have done so for many
years.  what is it that keeps you inspired, how do you maintain such a
constant level of enthusiasm?
"other musicians keep me inspired constantly, i'm always listening to
other music, and i think believe it or not, our politics keep us inspired
because we find a higher ground.  sometimes if you're tired, to have
something that's bigger than you helps you.  our activism helps us stay

you have a huge fan base around the world, do you find the constant
adoration from crowds in every city that you tour a strange concept
"it is strange, but the contact that we have with our audience is
different from what most bands have, and i think there's more of a human
element, so it's not quite as bizarre as it could be.  i find that we've
had a very loyal audience for a long time, but i think we stay grounded
though.  we have so many friends in so many places that come out and play
with us while we're in town, we've set up our lives in a way that it
doesn't really allow us to get too carried away, and too abstract.  we
always have this thing that brings us back to earth.  i think what is more
bizarre is when you've been working on political issues or involved with
activists who are giving thir whole lives to causes and putting their lives
in danger sometimes, you get on stage and sometimes the absurdity of the
music business is really driven home.  it's like people are paying to come
see me sing?  to see me do something i'm enjoying?  that's kinda weird."

are you happy with the new album, shaming of the sun?
"yeah, we feel we worked really hard on it and it's exactly what we wanted
to do and we just feel like for us, that's as much as we can ask for and
that's we we're proud of, the fact that we followed our heart and we did
wat we wanted to do even though we had no idea what it was going to come
out like."

you and emily have worked consistently together for such a long time, what
keeps you together as a good creative team?
"i think the fact that we give each other so much space, write separately,
and we come together and work on them.  each person has control over their
own stuff, and it's really like we have two different careers, so there's
a lot of space, so we never have the feeling of not getting fulfilled to do
your own thing.  we don't live together, we don't see each other when we're
off tour, so i think all those things make up for less tension and more
respect.  when we do get together we really wanna see each other and we have
fun playing together.  we're just lucky i guess, we have good chemistry.
we actually are closer than we used to be, like family.  we've never been
involved sexually and that's probably the reason why we've been together so
long (laughs)."

was that a conscious decision?
"no, we've never felt that way about each other, honestly, it never even
occurred to me, or her.  we're not each other's type."

what can we expect on this tour?
"we're going to be playing alone, we won't have a band with us.  last time
we were there we had a bass player with us.  we're going to play stuff
from all the different records, we'll probably take requests, play what
people want to hear, experiment.  we'll bring our electric instruments and
do a bit of jammin'.  we'll play banjos, mandolins and some other stuff.
we're going to try to do a variety of songs, so that it's not all the stuff
from the new record  when you hardly ever go to a place you want to play
more stuff from over the years."

- - by myfanwy warhurst

the indigo girls play this saturday 21st at the concert hall.

=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
"and the best ones were the ones i got to keep as i grew strong,
and the days that opened up until my whole life could belong.
it's like getting the answers, when i don't need them anymore...
i remember..."         - dar williams, "the blessings"

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date: wed, 4 mar 1998 11:35:19 -0400
from: jennifer brust <>
subject: [ig-news] dickinson- more info and some rehash

[sherlyn's note: this post was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

here are the ig concert particulars: (info came from old boss at dick.)

tickets go on sale to students: saturday, march 7th (this sat!)
tickets cost:                           $16
tickets go on sale to public:           saturday, march 14th
tickets cost:                           $25
amy and emily play:                     sunday, april 26th at 8pm
        '                                       in the kline center (what we
call the gym)

most likely you will need your student id to prove you are a dick student
to get the student price. everyone else will probably be considered the

as it was said the public gets tickets from prodejas, on
march 24.  their phone number is 717-245-9390. (way cool place.)


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date: wed, 4 mar 1998 10:08:56 -0800
from: "a. taub" <>
subject: [ig-news] kentucky show

[sherlyn's note: alison sent this to the indigo girls list
at netspace, but it should be noted that it's actually
forwarded from the newsgroup...]

also, has this ever been posted to the list?  someone posted it on the
newsgroup a few days ago... i never saw it here:

the indigo girls will be playing memorial coliseum on the uk campus in
lexington, ky on april 21.  tickets will be $22.50 and will go on sale
sometime this weekend at the student center box office.  i'll post ticket
info when i get it!

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date: wed, 4 mar 1998 11:34:50 -0800
from: "a. taub" <>
subject: [ig-news] festival info

[sherlyn's note: this post was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

here's a little info, and web urls, for some of the new dates/festivals that
they are playing in the spring and summer:

- --------

fri01may             atlanta, ga     music midtown festival

music festival, may 1-3, 10th and peachtree in midtown, atlanta (not much there yet...but you can get on the
mailing list)

- --------

sat06jun              elmer, nj    appel farm arts & music center:

the tenth annual    pnc bank - appel farm  arts and music festival
            saturday, june 6, 1998
            12:00 noon - 8:00pm
            adults: $24.00 advance/$28.00 gate
            seniors/students: $20.00 advance/$24.00 gate
children 12 years and under are admitted free when
accompanied by an adult.

- --------

sun14jun              new york, ny          randall's island:

a festival called the guinness fleadh.  no web info.

- --------

sun09aug      newport, ri    newport folk festival / fort adams state park

the ben & jerry's folk festival-newport will take place on friday,
august 7, saturday, august 8 and sunday, august 9.

single saturday or sunday event tickets for the festival will be $39.00 in
advance or $42.00 at the gate for general admission. there will also be a
limited number of special two-day (saturday-sunday) tickets available
until july 1 for $65.00. single saturday or sunday tickets for children
under 12, will be $15.00 at all times. tickets for the friday, august 7
kickoff concert at the hotel viking will be $25.00.  (currently has last year's info and schedule
- - don't be fooled!)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #13

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