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  [ig-news] warfield tape tree announcement!!  [traci loth <tracil@microweb.]


date: thu, 26 mar 1998 09:19:48 -0800
from: traci loth <>
subject: [ig-news] warfield tape tree announcement!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

<drum roll>

at last! it's here! all the tapes have been sent out (and y'all have been
waiting so patiently, thank you). so without further ado, you can get your
indigo girls warfield boot from the following fine branches.  just find the
address next to your month of birth and contact that person to set up a
trade or send a blank. obviously, no money should be exchanged for this
boot. oh, and i don't have branches for australia, europe, or canada yet,
any volunteers? :)

january:        ron johnson <>
february:       jan monforton <>
march:          leigh ann <>
april:          melissa anderson <>
may:            kristina <>
august:         debigogrl <>
september:      linda perrine <>
october:        gregg <>
november:       andrew conover <>
december:       leslie holeman <>

this boot is good quality, recorded on dat with stereo mics from the
balcony near the soundboard.  the sound is very clear and there is barely
any audience noise. (it actually sounds better than what i heard in the pit
that same night.) this boot fits on a 100minute tape. the set list follows
(note: this was the first night they performed blister in the sun!)

indigo girls - warfield theatre, san francisco, ca 1/27 (tues. night)

  hey kind friends
  power of two
  dean man's hill
  least complicated
  shame on you
  the wood song
  cut it out - wish you were here (pink floyd cover)
  get out the map
  shed your skin
  don't give that girl a gun
  it's alright
  thin line

  romeo & juliet
  blister in the sun (violent femme cover)
  closer to fine

so there you go. did i forget anything?  oh yeah, it was a great show!

(ohmy!!! hammer and a nail just came on the radio! weeeeee!)


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