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  [ig-news] lilith fair cd tracks/april 28 release  [pwboston <pwboston@aol.]


date: fri, 27 mar 1998 18:45:29 est
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subject: [ig-news] lilith fair cd tracks/april 28 release

arista releasing lilith fair: a celebration of women in music; live double cd
hits streets april 28

    new york--(entertainment wire)--march 27, 1998--

         features sarah mclachlan, paula cole, indigo girls,
shawn colvin, & more!

    on the heels of last summer's hottest tour, comes sonic documentation of
lilith fair live on a double cd with 25 songs. entitled "lilith fair: a
celebration of women in music," it is set for release on arista on april 28th.
the music encapsulates a diverse mix of the talented female musicians that
made lilith fair the very special and breakthrough festival -- and most
successful package -- tour of last summer. the tour was organized and founded
by sarah mclachlan who was instrumental in the completion of the cd.

    "lilith fair: a celebration of women in music" combines the talented mix
of the main stage, village stage and "b" stage artists of every calibre,
stature, and musical sensibility. sarah mclachlan commented: "one of the
philosophies of lilith fair is to help others, therefore our desire is to
showcase not only popular mainstage artists, but to bring attention to lesser
known and emerging artists. we are also continuing our support of non profit
organizations by donating 50% of the proceeds of this cd to rainn (rape, abuse
and incest national network, founded by tori amos) and lifebeat (the music
industry organization in the fight against aids). i am very proud to be a part
of this and i thank you all for your involvement in this labor of love." -0-

lilith fair: a celebration of women in music track listing:

1st cd paula cole                      "mississippi" indigo girls
"scooter boys" auteur de lucie                 "sur tes pas" cardigans
"been it" dayna manning                   "i want" abra moore
"four leaf clover" lisa loeb                       "falling in love" september
sixty-seven           "the loneliness of the long distance

                                 runner" lhasa                           "el
payande" suzanna hoffs                   "eternal flame" suzanne vega
"rock in my pocket" joan osborne                    "ladder" sarah mclachlan
"building a mystery"

2nd cd sarah with jewel and the   indigo girls                   "the water is
wide" emmylou harris                  "going back to harlan" meredith brooks
"wash my hands" patty griffen                   "cain" wild strawberries
"i don't want to think about it" dar williams                    "what do you
hear in these sounds" shawn colvin                    "trouble" yung chen lamo
"lama dorje chang" tracey bonham                   "the one" wild colonials
"charm" tara maclean                    "jordan" victoria williams
"perry winkle sky" *t -0-     you can catch lilith fair '98 when it begins
june 19th in portland, ore. and continues nationwide.

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