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  [ig-news] review of pete seeger tribute   [sherlyn koo <>]


date: sat, 4 apr 1998 17:47:01 -0800
from: thesilly redhead <>
subject: [ig-news] vh1 100 greatest artists

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the
indigo girls mailing list at]

hi everyone,happy daylight savings time!

as some of you probably already know, vh1 is doing a program on the
100 greatest artists of rock and roll.  so far our girls have not
actually been in the countdown but they have commented on other
artists in the countdown.  now i've only seen up to artist number 60,
but i'll keep you posted on any new developments.  so check out a &
e's comments on these artists.

the band-amy
"they encompassed the idea of sharing music with different people and
always having different people a part of your show.  they were just
loose, you know?"

tina turner-emily
"the strength of her voice, the way she dances, and she's so sexy, and
her energy's so positive; she has perservered."

grateful dead-amy
"they're just so killer.  it's like the whole thing- the audience out
in the parking lot, all the people camping out, just the sense of
camaraderie.  and that band just-they taught everyone how to embrace
their audience."

hmmmm, i think something in amy's last comment rings true about us (ig
fans), anyone agree with me?


                    "you jump, i jump."

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date: mon, 6 apr 1998 17:43:09 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] review of pete seeger tribute

hey folks,

i found this review of the pete seeger album on the cdnow
site (

- -sherlyn

full title: where have all the flowers gone: the songs of pete seeger.
producers include: rod mcvey, david seitz, ani difranco, bruce
cockburn, ysaye m. barnwell.engineers include: column sands, paul
dieter, david seitz, bob doidge, tom tucker.includes liner notes by
pete seeger, ani difranco, jackson browne, jim musselman, bruce
cockburn. contains a 28-page booklet for each disc.

pete seeger's gift to american music cannot be overstated. using
basic, often biblical themes, he created and interpreted a body of
work which is ingrained in the american national consciousness, and
helped to further define the american musical tradition. appleseed
recordings head jim musselman undertook the task of creating a tribute
to seeger, bringing together some of the finest contemporary musicians,
folk and otherwise, to interpret some of seeger's songs. a standout
track is "my father's mansions," contributed by british folk/rock
troubadour and woody guthrie historian billy bragg and violinist eliza
carthy. seeger disciple ani difranco offers a disarmingly tender,
delicate reading of "my name is lisa kalvelage." the most unusual track
on the album, the indigo girls' take on "letter to eve" features
processed vocals, elaborate percussion and production tricks. seeger's
standards are well represented: "where have all the flowers gone" is
given a poignant treatment by tommy sands and vedran smilovic; jackson
browne and bonnie raitt sing "kisses sweeter than wine," and nanci
griffith performs "if i had a hammer" along with a band of notable
seeger devotees.  

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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