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  [ig-news] lilith live cd  *melt*          [sherlyn koo <>]


date: wed, 15 apr 1998 08:57:26 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] lilith live cd  *melt*

hey folks,

this is the first "review" of the lilith live double-cd i've


>from: paul2k <>
>date: tue, 14 apr 1998 17:59:53 edt
>we got the lilith : a celebration of women in music double disc cd in to the
>radio station today during my shift....yummm...i was ecstatic to say the
>first thing i did was to check the track listing to see which version of
>"water is wide" they put on's the ig/sarah/jewel one...i nearly
>pissed my pants with glee when i saw that :)  when i saw them do that at the
>first toronto lilith last summer, i melted...
>so, in a three song slot, i played that, september 67's "loneliness of a long
>distance runner" and tara maclean's "hold me jordan"  (that's how they listed
>it, itwers)...the sound quality is pretty damn good except for lots of
>extraneous murmuring and babbling by the crowd that wasn't taken out  :(
>quiet, but still audible...and the screams of fans is kind of annoying...and
>the loud clapping that sounds like someone is standing too close to an
>audience ambience mic...
>personally, i feel that disc 2 has the stronger track listing...i know
that it
>has "water is wide", patty griffin's "cain", wild strawberries, dar's
"what do
>you hear in these sounds", emmylou harris doing "going back to harlan", tara,
>wild colonials....
>i can't wait for it to come out in the stores...supposedly, arista is
>up a small amount of limited editions that will come in a bulkier
>package...there was mention of it in the latest ice newsletter...

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    and i try to laugh at whatever life brings.
    'cos when i look down, i just miss all the good stuff,
    when i look up, i just trip over things..."   - ani difranco

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