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  [ig-news] live x compliation          [cathy <>]
  [ig-news] article about yale show - long  [sarah wardrop <swardrop@lynx.da]


date: wed, 22 apr 1998 21:00:40 -0500
from: cathy <>
subject: [ig-news] live x compliation

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

~~ okay, i admit to my blatant plagarism here. i was gonna mention
this on the list, but i saw this on the newsgroup, written up so well,
i figured why not just steal it. ... the cd is great, by the way! :)
cathy :)

from: (nadyne mielke)
organization: mindspring enterprises

haven't seen any mention of this here yet, so i'll pass on the info.
the indigo girls have a live track on the new 99x live x cd.  {99x is
an atlanta radio station, wnnx, 99.7fm.}  all tracks on this cd come
from "live x", a weekly show on 99x that features an artist in a
stripped-down environment doing a half-hour set in front of a crowd of
about 50 people.  proceeds from this album go to noah's ark, a
children's home in metro atlanta.  cover art is by david bowie.  track
listing is as follows:

shawn colvin -- sunny came home
tonic -- open up your eyes
matchbox 20 -- push
marcy playground -- sex & candy
blur -- song 2
k's choice - not an addict
michael penn -- fly
indigo girls -- shame on you
david bowie -- dead man walking
the wallflowers -- three marlenas
squirrel nut zippers -- hell
cake -- frank sinatra
fiona apple -- criminal
love spit love -- long, long time
third eye blind -- how's it going to be
world party -- is it like today
sheryl crow -- home

this album is only available at metro atlanta blockbuster music
stores, and costs $14.99.

the last live x album, rainn songs, raised $82,000 for the rape,
abuse, and incest national network, and sold out within two weeks.
rainn is the only nationwide toll-free number available for victims of
these crimes.  it was started in 1994 by tori amos, in response to her
fans' stories of rape and abuse.  the toll-free number for rainn is

{in fact, if anyone would like a copy of the rainn songs album, i have
one extra copy.  {i bought some for folks, but had someone back out on
me at the last minute. :/ }  the price on this is $18 {$14.99 is the
album price, plus tax, plus shipping -- i'm -not- making a profit on
this.  track listing available upon request.}

hope this helps someone out there! :)


   "words, they climb all over you 'til they uncover you
     from where you hide."     -- peter gabriel

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date: wed, 22 apr 1998 21:27:46 -0400
from: sarah wardrop <>
subject: [ig-news] article about yale show - long

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi - i just got this from a friend.  not good news, but hey, the list
got mentioned, even if it is a little inaccurate. :).  later.
- -sarah

forwarded message:

> wednesday, april 22, 1998
> planning on going to spring fling? bring your id
>               yale restricts access to show after indigo girls advertise
> free concert
>                                        by nicole itano
>                                       ydn staff reporter
> yale students are not the only ones looking forward to the indigo girls
> spring fling concert.
> after the indigo girls advertised their new haven stop to their national
> fan club, diehard fans are likely trekking to the elm city saturday in
> hopes of catching a free outdoor concert. but due to increased security
> measures, they might not make it past the old campus gates.
> spring fling coordinators said they plan to limit access to the event to
> yale affiliates and their guests. students and
> employees will have to show a current university identification card and
> will be allowed to bring two guests.
> "we want to make sure this is an event for the yale community," said nina
> glickson, assistant to president richard levin, who is funding the event.
> organizers decided to up security measures this year after learning that
> the indigo girls had sent out a mailing to their fan club about the concert.
> "since the indigo girls are very popular in the outside world and since the
> concert was publicized a little more than we would have liked it to be
> outside of yale venues, we were worried that people who are not from yale
> would sort of overwhelm yale people," spring fling coordinator eric
> peterson '99 said.
> while peterson said it was important to keep spring fling a yale event, the
> yale college council wanted to ensure that students would be able to bring
> guests such as friends and family members.
> "obviously we couldn't just limit it to yale students or to yale
> affiliates, because what about kimbie [taylor, ycc
> president], who's bringing her sister from pennsylvania, or debbie, who
> will bring her boyfriend from massachusetts," peterson said.
> organizers also said spring fling would be open to all members of the yale
> community, including graduate students, faculty and staff.
> although the details of security access have not yet been worked out,
> peterson said professional concert security workers will stand at the gates
> and that all the usual access points to old campus will remain open.
> "i won't put ycc people out there because that would be a really terrible
> job," peterson said.
> while the closed nature of old campus will make restricting access to the
> concert easier, it is also causing some
> headaches for planners.
> since the concert area is not accessible by road, the 100-foot long stage
> will be lifted in using a forklift.
> "the problem is that it's really a green area that's not accessible from a
> roadway," peterson said. "we can't put big trucks on old campus. it would
> look terrible and it would tear up the little grass that's there."
> while yale is gearing up for an extra-large spring fling, other ivy league
> schools are facing spring events without big name bands.
> the mighty mighty bosstones canceled their spring gig at princeton. harvard
> decided to go with an all-student event after they failed to secure sister
> hazel in march. and the university of pennsylvania, who lost their bid for
> the bosstones to princeton earlier this year, was forced to cancel the paid
> concert with a slate of lesser-known bands due to rain.
> yale daily news

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