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  [ig-news] ticket information for lilith fair @ the rose bowl  [cbrown@fres]
  [ig-news] clash and ig                        [dan perkins <>]


date: tue, 28 apr 1998 13:13:22 -0700 (pdt)
from: (chris brown)
subject: [ig-news] ticket information for lilith fair @ the rose bowl

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the lilith
fair list, regarding the june 27 lilith in los angeles.]

i just got off the phone with the rose bowl ticket office, and they have
told me the tickets will not be sold at the venue on sunday, may 3rd.
tickets will go on sale this sunday at the following prices: 27.05, 39.55, &

chris brown

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date: tue, 28 apr 1998 11:18:38 -0500
from: dan perkins <>
subject: [ig-news] clash and ig

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

apparently indigo girls are going to be on a cd that will be a tribute
to the clash:

found this on the web.

    monday, april 27, 1998

    clash tribute will feature no doubt,
    indigo girls, bosstones, and others

    are ya feelin' lucky, punk? the members of the clash should, for the
    hallowed british band is being paid tribute by a host of current
    some of which can trace their musical lineage directly to the london
    quartet's visionary mix of punk, funk, reggae, and leftist politics.

    "it's been growing for two years, and now it's about to explode,"
    jason rothberg, executive producer of the album, tells wall of sound
    with barely contained exuberance. "in two weeks, no doubt is
    recording 'hateful,' and that should be the last thing we record for
    album." artists who have already contributed tracks include such
    obvious spawn of "london calling" and "the guns of brixton" as
    rancid, mxpx, the urge, 311, and the mighty mighty bosstones, in
    addition to less-predictable acts like the indigo girls, ice cube
    mack 10, and also silverchair, the members of which were still in
    nappies when the clash called it quits more than a decade ago.

    the project came about when rothberg's lion's pride label (which is
    financed by ark 21 head miles copeland, incidentally) masterminded
    generations 1: a punk look at human rights, a charity album
    which featured strummer on one track. the two became friends, and
    strummer suggested rothberg put together a collection of clash
    songs performed by current bands. the album, straightforwardly
    the tribute, is tentatively scheduled for an august 25 release on
    epic, the clash's american label.

    "it's amazing how much these bands love the clash," rothberg says.
    "for me, because i'm working so closely with joe strummer, it's just
    a kick in the ass. i haven't gotten one track so far that i've been
    disappointed with. some of the stuff is pretty close to home, but
    some of the tracks have really gone in a new direction, musically
    speaking. but even the ones that have taken the biggest chances,
    they've come up solid."

    those tracks, according to rothberg, include a hip-hop-hard rock
    version of "should i stay or should i go" by ice cube and mack 10 in
    a rare collaboration with the group korn. there's also a version of
    "london's burning" by silverchair that rothberg says surprised him.
    "i had approached the band about doing something a year and a half
    ago, but then i didn't hear back from them for a long time. all of a
    sudden i got this tape, and when i heard it, i didn't even know it
    them. but i played it for joe, and he really loved it." another
    unconventional track is cracker's take on "white riot." "they did
    country version which i think is the most punk thing that could have
    happened to this song," rothberg says.

    in other clash news, strummer and bassist paul simonon are
    currently sifting through tapes in order to come up with a live
    for sony u.k. that will likely also see an american release.
    tentatively scheduled for a september drop, the album could affect
    the release date for the tribute. "if it comes out in september,
    i'm probably looking at christmas for the tribute," rothberg says.
    "but if they bump theirs to christmas, we'll drop in august."

    the tribute carries with it a charity element, as well-bands on the
    album are donating their points to the los angeles children's
    hospital's high-risk youth program. "the project was not going to be
    a non-profit venture," rothberg says. "but considering the style of
    clash and who joe is and how we came together, i just thought it
    was important to incorporate a charity somehow."

    tentative track listing for the tribute is as follows:

    311-"white man in hammersmith palais"
    the urge-"this is radio clash"
    mxpx-"jamie jones"
    mighty mighty bosstones-"rudie can't fail"
    silverchair -"london's burning"
    cracker-"white riot"
    ice cube and mack 10 with korn-"should i stay or should i go"
    face to face-"tommy gun"
    moby and heather nova-"straight to hell"
    indigo girls-"clampdown"
    unwritten law-"the guns of brixton"
    no doubt -"hatefu

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