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   here's a tidbit i got from reuters, thought it might prove interesting.
go figure.


wednesday april 29 4:51 pm edt

south carolina school cancels indigo girls concert

irmo, s.c. (reuters) - a south carolina high school principal has canceled
a free concert by the grammy-winning indigo girls after parents complained
about the lesbian singing duo, a school spokesman said wednesday.

the indigo girls -- singers amy ray and emily saliers -- were scheduled to
give a free half-hour concert during a may 7 talent show at irmo high
school north of columbia, s.c.

"the principal canceled it. after it was made public that this group was
coming, he got a lot of phone calls from parents and others raising
various concerns ... one of which was the sexuality issue," spokesman
buddy price said.

parents also complained about a rock 'n' roll group playing at a school
assembly, he said, and the principal canceled the concert because of
protests that were "polarizing" the community.

the indigo girls concert was lined up by the school newspaper, the
stinger, because of its participation in a national network of student
newspapers that interview contemporary musicians and review new albums.

the indigo girls, who won a grammy for best contemporary folk album in
1989, currently are on a three-week tour of u.s. colleges and high
schools. the week before the irmo concert, the duo has scheduled concerts
at three tennessee high schools.

the indigo girls released their latest album, "shaming of the sun," last
year, and will be featured in this summer's lilith fair, a national tour
headlined by female artists.

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