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date: mon, 4 may 1998 15:39:51 -0400
from: marivel danielson <>
subject: [ig-news] slam! relived...

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey all!

well yeah it's been more than a week, but i *have* to post on this virginia
slam! concert or i just might explode.  seriously.  so i promise to try and
relive only original unposted moments and i'll be brief (i swear!)...

okay first of all, what the event lacked in orginization was more than made up
for by the setup.  for once waiting in line was almost as much fun as the
concert itself...primarily cause amy and emily themselves walked right by
us and
said "hi" on their way into soundcheck.  and everyone was cool (i think
this was
mainly due to the fact that no one but me realized they were walking by until
they were out of sight).  but even after they came out again and headed into a
nearby restaurant, the whole line maintained composure and nobody attempted to
follow them in (yay!).  it was great to see everyone respecting their personal
space, but honestly i'll never get used to seeing amy and emily just walking
down the street all by themselves.

so honestly sitting on the streets of new york city...not as bad as it sounds.
i loved san fransisco, but really and truly market street was 80 billion times
worse than irving plaza in nyc.  but both venues are wonderful (on the
at slam we were standing about as close to the stage as humanly possible
actually being seated in amy's and emily's laps.  i didn't even hold up signs
cause i didn't want to risk whacking one of them in the knee.

okay, so on to the set...chickenman.  very sweet.  right before they start
chickenman someone yelled "galileo" (there's always a couple in the crowd).
amy laughs and says: "we're gonna do that i promise.  we *always* do galileo.
it's a standard.  we have some standards."  and then someone in the audience
gets desperate and yells out "please!!!" and amy and emily respond as follows:

fan: "please!!!"
emily:  "aww.  don't beg.  it's okay.  wait...did you say 'please' or 'peace'?
amy: "the set is falling apart!"
emily: "oh no!  it's all coming down on our heads!"
amy:  "but we only have very few songs left.  and when it starts falling apart
       it's best to leave instead of trying to fix it.  oh.  what i meant
       which reminds me of a story...i am an only child..."

and at the beginning of amy's solo a cappella part the audience is at full
participation and sings "defending *my* land" really loudly while amy
pauses and
then sings "defending *the* land", then laughs and gently corrects us: "i
changed that from 'my' to 'the'."  well it was funny at the time...

and towards the end of "chickenman" right before the rapped/spoken chorus she

tonight i was sleepin' on a mountain top
got about as far...?
in the morning i'll go down when the sun comes up
take a drink from the...?

can anyone tell me what she says here?  is this hers or someone else's?  oh!
right after this is that cool harmony part of emily's that i was talking about
in carlisle.  if you get a boot, check this part out!

and finally (sorry it wasn't so short after all), i did hold up one sign right
after shed your skin asking about "the hangman" and "milagro" and
her on her beautiful pronunciation of "milagro" (listen to it...she's *really*
good at tapping that "r" every time!!!).  so anyway, after she read it she
walked over to me (about half a step) and leaned over to tell me about
"hangman".  she basically said that it was a symbol for death, and didn't
elaborate on "milagro" (mabye feeling shy about my compliment of her
accent) but
from what she did say i got the feeling "milagro" and "hangman" are sort of
representative of the life/death dicotomy.  miracle of life, looming
presence of
death.  something like that.  it'll never be as elloquent coming from me...

cut it out/wish you were here...i think what amy's saying at that one part
before the transition is "i'm so together now."  does that ring bells for

did anyone mention the 2 organizations that received money from the event that
night?  they were sister power organization harlem's youth partnership for
health.  i think that's it.  thanks for letting me relive.  take care all...


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date: tue, 5 may 1998 10:37:41 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] more on irmo, from sonicnet

hey folks,

more on irmo, from sonicnet (

- -sherlyn

- --
indigo girls put aside free tickets for students

of 3,000 seats available for rescheduled south carolina gig, 2,000
were reserved for irmo high fans.

randy reiss:

not content to let educators dictate who should hear their music, the
lesbian folk-rock group indigo girls have rescheduled a free concert
for columbia, s.c., students on thursday in direct response to the
cancellation of a gig previously planned for their school.

the show, which was scheduled to take place at irmo high school in
irmo, s.c., was canceled by the school's principal after the
surrounding community complained that the grammy-winning duo are
lesbians. that cancellation was followed by another at a high school
in tennessee.

instead of playing at irmo high school on thursday, singer/guitarists
amy ray and emily saliers will play the 3,000-capacity richland
township auditorium in columbia at 8 p.m. according to epic records
publicist lisa markowitz, 2,000 of those tickets have been set aside
for people who show up with a valid student-identification card while
the remaining seats will be available to the general public for $15.

tickets for the event were made available to students and the public
on saturday, which was also the same day that many students were
taking their standardized aptitude test college-entrance exams. while
he couldn't give out exact numbers, richland township auditorium
spokesperson andre holloman said monday that there were plenty of
tickets left for the event. "the floor is just about filled up," he
said, "so we're mostly looking at balcony seats now."

asked to give an estimate on the number of tickets left, holloman
said there were "probably 900 tickets left for both students and the

the indigo girls have been playing high schools and universities over
the past month as a warm-up for their appearances on this year's
edition of the popular all-women lilith fair and as a way to reach out
to their younger fans in a smaller setting. their thursday show at
irmo high school, one of five shows that had been slated for this
week, was canceled by principal gerald witt following complaints from
parents and students concerning the indigo girls' homosexuality and
following parents' concerns about the group holding a concert during a
school assembly.
a show scheduled to take place tuesday at germantown, tenn.'s
germantown high school was also canceled after the principal there said
he learned that the group used an obscenity onstage during a
performance at the show's first stop, at loganville high school in
loganville, ga., on april 13. the song in question, "shame on you"
(realaudio excerpt), is from their shaming of the sun album and includes
the line: "me and jesus, we're of the same heart/ the only thing that
keeps us distant is that i keep fucking up."

when news of the irmo cancellation broke, saliers issued a statement
condemning the act and vowing to play a show in columbia that same day.
"we are saddened and angry to hear that our show at irmo high school has
been canceled," saliers said. "it is a blatant case of homophobia. the
show was canceled because we are gay."

hootie & the blowfish drummer jim sonefeld and guitarist mark bryan each
wrote letters to the columbia, s.c., newspaper the state on sunday that
condemned the show's cancellation and the negative light it sheds on the
south. "in this case, two respected, nationally prominent artists -- the
indigo girls ... offered a day of their precious time to entertain and
educate," sonefeld wrote, "only to be canceled because of the fear and
ignorance of a small group of people."

bryan's letter was even more direct. "they don't parade around singing
the virtues of homosexuality or try to coax the youth of america into a
gay lifestyle," he wrote. "this [school's] decision was naive and

bryan and sonefeld are not alone in their anger over the decision. jane
rish, spokeswoman for school district 5 board of education, which is
home to the 1,800-student irmo high, said flyers are being distributed
stating that a student walk-out will occur at 8:45 a.m. on thur
day, the day the indigo girls were scheduled to play.

"it's likely that there will be disciplinary action taken if the
students involved take this action to the extreme," rish said. "the
principal hasn't decided yet what that will be, but if it only is a few
people for a short period of time, it might not be a big deal."

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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