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  [ig-news] lilith qt movies[re: the ig religion issue]  [mel <melsouth@mind]
  [ig-news] wand reception/boston saturday           []


date: mon, 11 may 1998 02:14:59 -0400
from: mel <>
subject: [ig-news] lilith qt movies[re: the ig religion issue]

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi folks-

first... thanks to traci loth for the suggestion of going back to the
source to download that amy mov file in which she talks about her
religious beliefs.

i spent over an hour fartin around the lilith 97 site and downloading
and watching 7 different ig quicktime movies -- *very* interesting and
lots of fun -- and traci is right... amy *does* look great in red!

but... there's always a big ol "but" ain't there... <damn!>... i am so
bummed. ig interview "part eight" -- would *not* open <grrr>... i even
closed my web browser and emptied my memory cache and disk cache, went
back and tried again... nooooooooooo!  :-(  "outdated, inaccurate, or
the server has been instructed blah blah blah"   }%o(   no go, period.

obviously... part 8 is the amy on religion interview clip... and for
whatever reason... the link don't link to nuthin no more... which means
that unless someone else out there in ig-land has it lying around on a
floppy or their hard drive... i have something you can't get anymore.

hey, kind friends... would some nice lister like to help me out...
someone with a very generous isp, which doesn't seem to mind
transferring big ol mail files... by offering to send out a few mov
files for me. i have a 56 modem, and it still takes about 5 minutes to
upload (send) each one. i would suggest that someone put it on their web
page for all the world to see -- but i will not do that -- because it's
probably copyrighted or something, and i wouldn't want anyone to get in
big-time trouble over 27 seconds of amy saying "and... umm... you know"
3 times. it's just not worth getting in deep doo-doo.

the good news... (see, it's not all bad...) is that if you have web
access -- you can go to the lilith fair 97 web site and watch / download
more than 7 qt movies of a&e (plus lots of others)! how to do it...

go to: is the lilith home page - you can go there
and click on 'scrapbook' to get the 97 page.

+ once you're at lilith 97 -- click on 'dates'
+ scroll down... click a '[date/cityname]'
+ at the top of that date page... click on '[cityname] recap'
+ then scroll down on left side of that page to "interviews" and click
on the one you want

to save it (win95 directions only, cuz that's all i know):
+ minimize (don't close) your browser.
+ open your 'windows\temp' folder find the last tmp file which will be
named "qt______.tmp".
+ copy it.
+ paste it to a different folder.
+ rename it by changing the tmp to mov - "".
+ then you can rename it to whatever you want. (e.g.: "")

(btw, there are also qt movies of interviews with other artists;
performances by ig and everyone else; a few press conferences; and lots
and lots of pictures... all yours for the downloading -- assuming you
have web access, which i know some folks do not have. my apologies if
you don't.)

+ here's what's there (ig interviews only), so you can pick and choose
(all are 1400 - 1800 kb):

aug 13 - scranton - recap - ig part one: emily on the making of sots

aug 15 - toronto - recap - ig part two: amy on signing with epic

aug 16 - toranto - recap - ig part three: amy on her relationship with

aug 17 - montreal - recap - ig part four: emily on her relationship with

aug 19 - milwaukee - recap - ig part five: emily on amy's improvisation

aug 20 - shakopee - recap - ig part six: amy on ambition

aug 22 - calgary - recap - ig part seven: amy on improvising during

aug 22 - calgary - recap - ig part eight: [would not open]

well, this entire little adventure (incl this post) turned out to be
longer than i thought it would. my apologies to those w/o web access.
but at least it's full of igc!

ps: one more "but" ... i just a note from someone i sent it to in a zip,
who says that they can't hear any sound. (i sent it back to myself as a
bcc to test, and it worked fine.) i asked what version of quicktime
player and winzip they have in case there are compatiblity probs (qt
does have problems in that older versions of the program and player do
not play newer qt mov files correctly.) i have qt version 'play32.exe' -- if yours vers is older than that, it may not work...
<sigh... grrr>

("oh, bother," said the bear of very little brain...)

peace health happiness  :o)
- --
     -- mel  <>          a + e = ig

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date: sun, 10 may 1998 21:09:11 edt
subject: [ig-news] wand reception/boston saturday

wand reception, boston 5/9/98

last night the indigo girls & winona laduke were honored for their efforts on
behalf of wand in the great hall at the massachusetts state house in boston.
it was a very special night!
i saw the girls entering the state house as i was driving around beacon hill
looking for a parking spot. decision: abandon
car in the middle of the road or search for legal parking space.
{boston note: if you can get there, you can't park there.}
i went for illegal parking space.
i need not have been conerned that i would miss an opportunity to meet the
the reception size was "intimate" & the girls greeted & spoke with everyone. i
talked with them several times & got autographs.
at one point emily was shaking so many hands she said she "felt like a
politician".  i replied that we could certainly use someone like her in
let me emphatically say that when you get an opportunity such as this with
such incredible access to speak & "mingle" with the girls you will absolutely,
positively not be able to come up with anything intelligent whatsoever to say!
all i could even think of was {but, thankfully, didn't say}
"i must really like you because i'm missing xena: warrior princess for this"
and "i know your music so well i can recite all your lyrics - backwards."
{note to self: brush up on conversational skills}

fashion notes: the incredible amy ray had a black leather jacket/faded jeans
ensemble working for her. excellent hair day. longer nails than expected.
outfit pulled together by
great smile.
     the always lovely emily saliers was sporting the brown work pants/ green
shirt look. she should never wear anything else but this shade of green with
her hair and eyes.
she "glowed". you wanted to walk up & hug her - & most people did!
the "girls" were just, well , so darn nice and well, gee, ok, i'll say it -

the highlights of the evening were the speeches following the awards
before last night i knew very little about winona laduke.
today i can't say enough about her!
winona laduke is an anishinaabe indian living with her two children on the
white earth reservation in minnesota.
in 1994 she was named one of america's top leaders under
40 by time magazine & she was ralph nader's running mate
in the 1996 presidential election.
attending the wand reception i wanted to help honor the indigo girls & also
hoped to meet my musical & "moral"
heroines as well.
i had not expected to be so moved & touched by the simple,
yet powerful, words and presence of winonna laduke.
laduke, a striking woman, spoke from her solid perspective
as a long-time activist, mother, indigenous woman,
political organizer and writer.
winonna laduke reminded us that "what we have is because
someone stood up before us".  and there lies the power of
laduke's simple message - issues and decisions, whether
they be enviromental, political or moral - are connected
and global and personal and intergenerational. "what we
have is because someone stood up before us". what our
children will have tomorrow is being decided today.
if we poison mother earth we poison our children and
the next generation and the next.....
but for me the most powerful statement was winnona laduke
i believe it was with no small measure of irony and triumph that this
spokeswoman against indignities committed against indigenous peoples was at
the historical massachusetts
state house to receive a leadership award from an
organization committed to empowering women & spoke
to an audience of political, savvy and very empowered women.

i can only hope that as winnona walked up the steps of the state house past
the (real) gold dome and walked past
200+ years of portraits of white male politicians who
began their "democracy" by disenfranchising indigenous
peoples and as she walked up to the podium in the
great hall to accept her leadership award, well, i hope
her step was a little lighter.

emily & amy accepting their awards -

first: they didn't sing.

amy - spoke about the past week as "hell week" for them
because of the homophobia that caused the cancellations
of some high school concerts. she was very moved by the
activism of the students at the schools. while speaking about
the "alternative" concerts they did she said it was "not
emily & i but the students... they created it".
amy spoke about the girls  committment to general
"left wing causes" and mentioned several times their
committment to gay rights.

{note: amy gave a great speech but i was too nervous to
write it down}

emily:  talked about how she became involved with wand
by attending a meeting with someone from emory & was
impressed by the diversity of the people involved with
  emily also spoke about the wand vice president from the
atlanta field office who had recently been in a car
accident and was in a coma. {sorry, didn't get name}
emily was visibly upset. she said she had spoken to
her a few days before the accident and they discussed
this woman's run for political office in georgia and how
she felt it was her "calling".
both amy & emily dedicated their awards to her. it was very moving.
{again, she gave a great speech but i was too nervous to
write it down.}

the indigo girls were announced as people who considered
themselves as activists first and pop singers second.
seeing the girls in this light only strengthens my
respect for them. they are not only incredibly gifted
musicians but caring, genuine people.
to the people responsible for the high school
cancellations - shame on you!

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #73

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