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  [ig-news] vidalias cd with amy ray duet for sale  [deb <indigo@mindspring.]
  [ig-news] editorial from queernet         [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] yet another sonicnet article    [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] portland boot         [jan monforton <>]


date: wed, 13 may 1998 12:56:45 -0400
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] vidalias cd with amy ray duet for sale

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>date: tue, 12 may 1998 23:50:43 -0800
>from: *the cd list* <>

>4.00   vidalias, the   melodyland  ri  1995 upstart.  web:   one of the
>most promising bands of the insurgent country movement of the '90s, the
>atlanta five-piece the, rockabilly, bluesy rock
>and occasional swing, deriving a sound that recalls the country-rock of the
>flying burrito brothers and at times hints at the western swing of asleep
>at the wheel. - jack leaver.  booklet corner is badly clipped.
>6.00   vidalias, the   stayin' in the doghouse  adv-nb 1996 upstart.  amg
>review:  with a tip of the hat to country-era byrds, the original flying
>burrito brothers and a straight-ahead roots-rock sensibility, stayin' in
>the doghouse is a pleasure throughout. once again, pedal steel guitarist
>henry bruns demonstrates he's a force to be reckoned with, whether it be
>lightning-quick picking  or weeping crescendos...  -jack leaver.


the latter of these 2 cds features a very country duet with amy ray which
is a real treat. if you're interested in either of  these cds, write to and tell him where you saw this message.  do not
reply to me, misdirected responses will be deleted without notification.

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deb \\ \\

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date: thu, 14 may 1998 11:07:06 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] editorial from queernet

hey folks,

this comes from queernet (at

- -sherlyn


may 9, 1998

press release: glama - gay & lesbian american music awards

the gay/lesbian american music awards decries censorship in indigo girls
concert cancellations

new york -- unfortunately, homophobia is a constant, if subtle, presence
in our world. with the cancellation of several free indigo girls concerts
at high schools last week due to their sexuality and supposedly profane
lyrics, we're also getting a first-hand look at the fear and hate that is
being modeled for youth in our school systems. glama considers the
cancellations a fine example of homophobic censorship.

what started out as a goodwill gesture by the award-winning indigo girls
(including a 1998 glama and a grammy award), has turned into real-life
censorship lesson for all of us, as well as the students at the high
schools where the group would have performed. (a release by the ngltf
explaining the situation and a statement by amy ray of the indigo girls

here at glama, we consider the indigo girls heroes for their commitment
to nurturing musical talent and creative self-expression in all youth,
for standing up in the face of homophobia and for careers based in
openness and honesty.

as a gesture of support for the indigo girls and to encourage the support
of others, we suggest you call your local radio stations and request the
song "it's alright" from the indigo girls' cd "shaming the sun", or any
other of your favorite indigo girls songs. dedicate it to the students at
irmo or germantown high school, or to a youth that's important in your
life. we feel the best way to combat the attempts to silence honest music
is to make sure that that music is heard.

michael mitchell
executive director, gay/lesbian american music awards

to find out more about the radio stations in your area, please try the
following links:

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: thu, 14 may 1998 11:37:58 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] yet another sonicnet article

hey folks,

here's another article about the suspended students in irmo,
from sonicnet (

- -sherlyn

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[ wed., may 13, 8:40 pm pdt ]

court denies indigo girls protesters' back-to-class injunction

suspended students now await district officer's decision on appeals.

randy reiss:

five students given eight-day suspensions for protesting the controversial
cancellation of an indigo girls concert at irmo high school in irmo, s.c.,
were denied a preliminary injunction in south carolina federal district
court on wednesday (may 13).

the students were seeking to be readmitted to classes, claiming that their
suspensions were an attack on their right to free speech.

the plaintiffs filed as a group, with carl a. "andy" brumme iii, american
civil liberties union staff counsel in columbia, s.c., acting as their
attorney. the results of their individual appeals on the school-district
level are due to be released on thursday (may 14) -- day six of their
eight-day suspensions.

the concert -- one of several indigo girls appearances scheduled in an
april and may tour of southern high schools and universities -- was
canceled three weeks ago in response to community concern over the
grammy-winning duo's homosexuality, their lyrics and the appropriateness
of their appearing at a school assembly. following a protest of the
cancellation, 12 students were suspended. only five elected to appeal
their suspensions and take legal action.

according to court documents, chester hicks and the parents of megan
collier, carla gray, katlin spangler and elizabeth carney all filed a
motion for a preliminary injunction against dennis mcmahon, superintendent
of school district five of lexington and richland counties, and gerald
witt, principal of irmo high school. the injunction sought to keep mcmahon
and witt from suspending the students for disobeying the orders of an
administrator because they allegedly were only asked to return to class
and not ordered to do so. the motion stated that the students did not
attend second-period classes last thursday in order to protest witt's
cancellation of the indigo girls concert, which was supposed to happen
that day. they instead peacefully assembled on the school grounds and
returned to the school building at the beginning of third-period classes
after speaking with a teacher. at this point, the petition states, the
students were led into a conference room and were later told that they were
being suspended from school for eight days for failure to obey a direct
order of an administrator.

the students, the petition continues, were well aware that skipping class
would lead to a saturday detention but feel that these suspensions are a
violation of their liberties as guaranteed by the first amendment.

"[e]ven if there had been [an order]," the motion reads, "the order was to
stop protesting, to not exercise a fundamental right."

reached in his columbia, s.c., office after wednesday's hearing, brumme
said he was disappointed in the decision of judge michael patrick duffy to
deny the students an injunction. "the judge looked at it as more of a
discipline issue than a free-speech issue," brumme explained. "our argument
wasn't that schools cannot discipline students; our argument was that the
principal cannot issue a directive to the students to no longer exercise
their first amendment rights."

in knoxville, tenn., three students who each served a three-day suspension
for protesting their principal's decision to call off the indigo girls
show scheduled for their school last week have decided to not appeal the

meanwhile, school district five spokesperson buddy price said tuesday that
eight irmo students were given eight-day suspensions because they
disobeyed the direct order of the principal, two were given lesser
suspensions of two to three days because it was determined that they were
involved in lesser offenses, and the cases of two other students are still
being examined. of the eight given the eight-day suspensions, price said,
only five have taken the process this far, with the other three electing to
serve their suspensions.

though he had no comment about the students filing suit, price did say that
administrators were adhering to policy. "we are treating these students
just as we would any other student," he explained. "we have these policies
spelled out and we are going by the book."

before the students got to this stage, they followed the district policy
that allowed for a face-to-face meeting with their parents and the
principal. when witt refused to budge following these meetings, they filed
this motion while taking the appeals process to the next step -- a meeting
with a district hearing officer.

the final hearings with the district hearing officer are scheduled for
thursday (may 14).

according to tommy collier jr., a u.s. history teacher at irmo high school
and parent of student-protester megan collier, the district hearing officer
decided late wednesday (may 13) afternoon to issue her decisions on all the
students' appeals on thursday (may 14) afternoon, a move that he is really
upset about. "this means that by the time the decision on the appeal comes
through, my daughter will have almost served all eight days of the
suspension," tommy collier explained. "i'm a u.s. history teacher and i
always teach that we are guaranteed due process and are innocent until
proven guilty, but these students have been judged and sentenced before
their trial. if they were found innocent, which i don't think they will be,
how would they make up those days?"

for her part, 16-year-old megan collier is upset that this unexpected
suspension has caused her to fall behind on her schoolwork, but she is
otherwise satisfied with her participation in the protests. "i don't regret
what i did and neither do the people who did this. i still feel good that
we walked out."

and so does her proud father. "i couldn't be more proud of her, even if she
won the nobel prize," tommy collier said. "she stood up for what she

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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: wed, 13 may 1998 22:27:04 -0700
from: jan monforton <>
subject: [ig-news] portland boot

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

please don't hate me for being so incredibly late about this, but i have
finally gotten my boot of the 1/24/98 portland show together and it's
pretty good quality. i'd be glad to dub it for whoever. blank or trades
welcome. set list is:
three hits
it's alright
secure yourself
least complicated
shame on you
love's recovery
dead man's hill
get out the map
baby don't you break my heart slow
romeo and juliet
virginia woolf
scooter boys
kid fears
cut it out/wish you were here
closer to fine
so that's it i guess. email if you're interested and i'll have more info.
- -sam (practicing whistling along with closer to fine)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #76

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