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  [ig-news] a couple of photo links         [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] pop-up video: ctf [long]          [mel <>]


date: tue, 26 may 1998 19:39:52 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] a couple of photo links

hey folks,

i've been surfing...

* there are a whole bunch of good quality photos that look
like they were all taken at the same concert here:

* there's also a cool picture here:

more later... :)
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sherlyn koo -                  [sydney, australia]
"this is the song that we are always just this side of singing..."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: tue, 26 may 1998 18:28:36 -0400
from: mel <>
subject: [ig-news] pop-up video: ctf [long]

[sherlyn's note: not exactly news but it's interesting (thanks mel).
this message was originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list

i just watched and taped ig - "closer to fine" on vh1's "pop-up video"
- -- here's a blow-by-blow / pop-by-pop description (remarkably free of my
own personal editorial comment, btw). everything in brackets [] is my
description to explain the narrative.

teaser [voice over] [before video preceding ig's]: coming up... can
anyone really tell the indigo girls apart?"

   indigo girls
   "closer to fine"
   epic 1989
   director: tamra davis

pop up #1) this video was shot in and around the indigo girls' hometown
of atlanta, ga
2) amy and emily met in elementary school -- they first sang together in
3) their first gig was as students at emory university under the billing
"saliers & ray"
4) [with arrows pointing to the correct one]
   emily saliers
   amy ray
5) amy searched the dictionary for a better band name -- "'indigo' just
stuck out"
6) indigo (n.): deep blue
7) they now complain they're always having to remind people who is who
8) amy ray [arrow]
   emily saliers [arrow]
9) amy and emily have never written a song together [factually incorrect
- -mel] -- this one is emily's
10) she wrote it while isolated in a cabin in rural vermont
11) the song's message: every experience should bring us "closer to
12) it's 878 miles from atlanta to the closest fine -- fine, n.y.
13) the record company asked the director of this video to try to
"feminize" the girls
14) the director met the girls -- and didn't think feminizing them would
15) it worked for lassie -- the bitch was really a boy [picture of
lassie, the dog]
16) it worked for dustin hoffman [picture of tootsie]
17) emily described this verse as being a "poke at academia" [beginning
of dr of philosophy verse]
18) she's still bitter at losing a 7th grade election for student senate
19) amy ran for high school class president -- and won
20) rosie o'donnell class president 1980 [picture of rosie]
21) charles grodin class president 1953 [picture]
22) lance ito class president 1968 [picture] [note: oj simpson trial
23) don knotts class president 1942 [picture]
24) amy and emily moved beyond school politics to active support of
various causes
[#25 - 32 individually pop up all over a single screen]
25) honor the earth campaign
26) voters for choice
27) hand gun control
28) earthday
29) amnesty international
30) peta
31) gay and lesbian rights
32) greenpeace
33) moe howard was closer to larry fine than his brother curly
34) amy ray [arrow]
    emily saliers [arrow]
35) liam o'maonlai from the irish folk band hothouse flowers [playing
the whistle before bar verse]
36) pan flutist zamfir has sold more records than hothouse flowers and
indigo girls combined
37) amy and emily both openly acknowledge their homosexuality
38) despite rumors to the contrary, they have never been romantically
39) they did become involved in 1994
40) in a production of "jesus christ superstar"
41) mary magdalene [arrow pointing to emily]
42) jesus [arrow pointing to amy]
43) amy and emily asked friends and family to join them on a stroll
through atlanta
44) family [arrow pointing to amy's brother]
45) friend [arrow pointing to chris mcguire]
46) friend [arrow pointing to (?) blond male in black jacket]
47) friend [arrow pointing to caroline aiken]
48) their manager [arrow pointing to russell carter]
49) the phone directory lists 3 "anne surs" in the us
50) the fine for illegal public gathering in atlanta: $1000
51) the girls have said they like to challenge themselves musically to
get "closer to fine"
52) [picture of "stooge" larry fine follows emily out of camera frame]

close: the girls say their partnership remains closer to fine because
they never get too close. they work on solo projects and maintain
separate circles of friends. they do share one thing -- the fear that
the other one is going to want it to end.

(see... remarkably free of editorial comment... <ahem>... )

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          -- mel  <>

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #87

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