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  [ig-news] shed remix                        [ (popmartyb)]
  [ig-news] guinness fleadh new york city, part ii  ["lance s. longwell" <lo]


date: 13 jun 1998 14:46:55 gmt
from: (popmartyb)
subject: [ig-news] shed remix

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls newsgroup,]

this is from billboard:

indigo girls

'shed your skin'

if you are among the few who haven't discovered last year's brilliant
'shaming of the sun,' here's a good excuse to finally get with the

rage against the machine's tom morello has revised the spooky original
track by mostly upping its guitar quotient, which perfectly suits amy
ray's guttural vocal. otherwise, much of the girls' original
production remains intact - right down to the winding, hip-hop-derived
beat and mild american indian-spiced backing vocals. will rock fans
continue to turn a deaf ear to this enduring duo? if they do, it won't
be for the act's lack of musical credibility or accessibility. 'shed
your skin' not only suits current trends, it also has the potential to
widen and redefine 'em. look for indigo girls on the lilith fair tour
for much of this summer.

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date: sun, 14 jun 1998 22:39:43 -0600
from: "lance s. longwell" <>
subject: [ig-news] guinness fleadh new york city, part ii

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt from a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

so, by the time the indigo girls came on, it was dark.  the sky had
cleared and stars where in the sky.  the set list was:
scooter boys
hammer and a nail
shed your skin
least complicated
three hits
get out the map
it's alright
kid fears
closer to fine
and for the encore:  "don't assume anything"
ok, let's take this play by play.  at the end of scooter boys, instead of
"hey blue blood, your nothing new, i come from privilege too"...amy said,
"hey blue blood, your nothing new, i'm a babe and so are you."  it was
just classic!!!!!  at the end of three hits, amy thanked us for singing.
between get out the map and chickenman, someone had thrown a beach ball
on stage.  amy, with guitar in hand, picked up the ball, and punted in it
(soccer-style) back out into the crowd).  danny ellison joined in on
chickenman and he was hot!!!!!  after kid fears we were thanked for being
a choir of irishman.  now, the last song, i'm assuming the title is
"don't assume anything".  amy said it was written about a marabell
somebody or other.  she said that she finished this song because of the
whole "high school censorship issue".  the lyrics mention being
blacklisted.  is this totally new, or have i missed it on the ig list

maybe it's just me, but amy seemed incredibly into it!!  she "thanks
yall" after every song (whereas emily just seemed rather low key).  they
both played masterfully, but it just seemed like this was amy's night.
more amy songs, etc.  emily seemed content to let amy have the stage.
just some observations.



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