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date: sat, 20 jun 1998 14:37:46 edt
subject: [ig-news] ig at pdx lilith 6/19

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey all--

well it is the day after the first lilith, so i thought i'd share.  here's the
ig set list (to the best of my memory):

this train
shed your skin
get out the map
water is wide (w/sm)
scooter boys
least complicated
kid fears
keep on rocking in the free world (w/k's choice)
closer to fine (sm taking the 2nd verse, k's choice on back up)

the set was in a little different order.  in all, they played about 45-50
minutes, with no encore.  they took the stage at 7:07, after sinead o'conner
and eryka badu, and before natalie merchant and sarah.

i think they sounded terrific.  they were the first act to have the whole
stadium up on thier feet singing along and dancing.  i just kept thinking to
myself how strange it was that a&e were the "hard-edged" act in the lineup!
the folks i was with said they were the best entertainers by far, and they are
a lot less biased than me.

the highlight for me was that jane scarpentoni is back!  she played a little
intro to sys and background on other songs.  folks seeing them a little down
the road should get quite a treat if they let her play more often.  jerry was
there and they had a guy playing stand up and electric base.

all in all it was a great day (and even sunny in portland!).  i would have
liked to see more collaboration among the artists (ig were the only ones who
invited people up with them), but maybe that will come as they all learn to
sing together.

enjoy the rest of the shows.

kevin (who thinks the fact that he red promo has "demonstration - not for
sale" on it means a&e (or the people who work in the factories making the
cd's) aren't getting any money for it anyway.

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date: sun, 21 jun 1998 18:00:08 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] lilith review from the eugene register guard

hey folks,

this comes off the web, at
the register guard is a newspaper from eugene, oregon.

- -sherlyn

june 20, 1998

review: women rockers thrill crowd as lilith opens in portland

by allison linn
the register-guard

portland - the indigo girls' cover of neil young's "rockin' in
the free world" provided the perfect metaphor for the opening
of lilith fair on friday in portland.

pounding their way through the rock anthem with guests k's
choice, the hardest rockin' folk duo made clear that lilith
fair, confident in its second year, is more about women making
powerful rock than soft-spoken folk.

an energetic crowd of 17,500 was ready for the band's powerful
sound, having been warmed up by remarkably energetic sets from
billie myers, k's choice and other smaller stage performers.
in many ways these up-and-comers stole the show with their
audience interaction and simple delight to be there.

as tara maclean, a singer/songwriter who sadly only had the
chance to play two songs, said excitedly in an earlier news
conference: "i'm sitting next to people who are the reason i
ever picked up a guitar ever in my life."

but although the groups tried hard to make the smaller acts
seem as prominent as headliners sarah mclachlan, natalie
merchant, erykah badu, sinead o'connor and the indigo girls,
there was still the sense that at least on this day, the
opening concert of a 47-city tour, it was "sarah fair."

as billie myers told her cheering audience: "i'm here playing
because it was the only way i could get a free ticket to see
sarah mclachlan."

mclachlan was equally adoring of her fellow artists,
describing lilith fair as, for her, "like being a kid in a
candy store."

the crowd seemed equally euphoric. children with their
arents, teens, gay and lesbian couples, men and women. most
were quick to make room for each other in front of the
crowded stages, or to make insta-friendships - "you love this
song? i love this song, too!"

o'connor opened the mainstage set by inauspiciously walking
on stage in khakis and a t-shirt that read "jesus is coming:
look busy." singing a number of songs from "i do not want
what i haven't got," her first major hit album, o'connor was
remarkably more charming than at an earlier press conference,
where her most polite move was to show people her armpit hair.

badu, on a stage decorated with candles and an ankh, delivered
her funky, bluesy soul music to an attentive crowd, but she
couldn't compare to the adoration lavished upon the indigo

looking straight out into the crowd, the duo delivered a
typically amazing set, inviting both k's choice and mclachlan
on for a few songs.

merchant, whose new album "ophelia" was recently released,
charmed audiences with her ballet-like dances and powerful
vocals, setting the stage for mclachlan's closing set.

beyond the three lilith fair stages at civic stadium,
ticketholders had the chance to look at a new volkswagen bug
(with built-in flower vase, much to many onlookers' delight),
peruse the major sponsors' booths (lilith by starbucks, etc.)
and pick from any number of mostly women's-rights-oriented
information booths.

taking a break from the music, hungry listeners had to wait
up to an hour for a slice of pizza (note to sarah: many more
food booths needed). but on this sunny day, no one seemed to
much mind.

lilith heads to the columbia river gorge near george, wash.,
for two shows before moving to san francisco. the tour ends
aug. 31 in vancouver, b.c.

=== sherlyn koo - ========================= a+e=ig
"all my life and all my days and all my nights surround me,
every time i needed it, the magic always found me.
and if i'm bound to all the world, all the world is bound to be..."
                                - peter mulvey

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