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ig-news-digest          friday, june 26 1998          volume 01 : number 114

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] bouncing/ig in billboard          [flora brown <>]
  [ig-news] sf lilith rocked ! ! !  [indigo head <s00.krosenblum@wittenberg.]
  [ig-news] shoreline lilith review         [sherlyn koo <>]


date: thu, 25 jun 1998 17:39:07 edt
from: flora brown <>
subject: [ig-news] bouncing/ig in billboard

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]


also, although i scoured the racks of about 25 music stores and called another
15 while i was away in vancouver, and could not find *any*thing out of the ig-
ordinary (have any canadians come up with the new eps?!) i did pick up
billboard mag, which mentioned them.  hope this hasn't been mentioned, but oh

headline: "openly gay artists making business strides"
(intro:)"the life of an out-queer recording artist is not an easy one -
particularly for those who opt to be truthful about their sexuality from the
outset of their career.  but as mainstream societal acceptance of the gay and
lesbian community gradually increases in the us, a brigade of persistent
performers is inching closer to achieving success on their own terms."
(little pic: that common one, sorta taken at an angle, where emily looks
really old and amy's wearing a scarf. personally, i don't like it much...)
(now i'll skip around to the good stuff:)
"[one major-label a&r executive who declined to be identified says} 'even the
acts that have done well in the past, like indigo girls, are having problems.'
the epic duo recently made headlines when they were banned from performing at
irmo high school in south carolina because they're lesbians.  two subsequent
shows on the act's high school tour in tenn. were canceled, with officials
citing profanity in lyrics.
'the idea of a high school tour came about after emily [saliers] and i were
judges in a student lyric-writing contest sponsored by scholastic magazine,'
says indigo girl amy ray.  'we were struck by the students' energy and
willingness to engage in and question life.  the intent of the tour was
she adds, 'the impossibility and hypocrisy of a situation where kids are
expected to be honest but are judged and alienated from their community
because of it should not escape us.  in response to these cirumstances we are
playing alternate shows - alcohol free, all ages, after school.'"

ok, so it's nothing new, but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

happy summer!

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date: thu, 25 jun 1998 05:25:30 -0400
from: indigo head <>
subject: [ig-news] sf lilith rocked ! ! !

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message that was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at  i've edited it down pretty severely...]

but as i said, notmany people were going crazy about the girls...bad in a
way, cause the girls are awesome, and people should go crazy over them,
but good cause we were easy to spot.  i mean, people didn't even seem to
know galileo and least complicated....

but here is the setlist:
3 hits
tried to be true
least complicated
shed your skin
get out the map
scooter boys
the water is wide (with sarah...damn, people went crazy over sarah when
she came out...)
rockin; in the free world (with k's choice)
closer to fine (with all)

so the show kinda went downhill after the girls played (i knew it would).
natalie merchant is okay, not exactly my fave.  and sarah played too much
new stuff (i really wanted to hear "hold on").  but for sarah's encore,
everyone came out and did "what's goin' on?"....again, amy and emily found
us and looked right at us!  at the end, they waved goodnight to us.


karen :-)

"san francisco has only one drawback. 'tis
hard to leave." (rudyard kipling)
"the prize is always worth the rocky ride."
(indigo girls, e.s.)
"i am the lorax, i speak for the trees, i
speak for the trees for the trees have no
tounges."  (dr. seuss)

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date: fri, 26 jun 1998 08:14:25 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] shoreline lilith review

hey folks,

there's an article regarding the first shoreline lilith

there's one main paragraph dealing with ig, which i've
included below:

sandwiched between performances by erykah badu and merchant,
amy ray and emily saliers of the indigo girls delighted their
fans with an inspired romp through "shed your skin" and "get
out the map," after opening with their biggest commercial
hit, "shame on you." enlisting a host of guests, the indigo
girls brought out baez to sing her 1975 classic, "diamonds
and rust." after performing earlier in the day, me'shell
ndegeocello joined in on saliers' "power of two," and the
belgian band k's choice helped out with neil young's "keep on
rocking in the free world."

- -sherlyn
=== sherlyn koo - ========================= a+e=ig
"all my life and all my days and all my nights surround me,
every time i needed it, the magic always found me.
and if i'm bound to all the world, all the world is bound to be..."
                                - peter mulvey

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #114

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