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ig-news-digest         thursday, july 2 1998         volume 01 : number 120

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] ig letter in spin                 [andi <>]
  [ig-news] cnn review of lilith  [kathleen mulhern <]
  [ig-news] donating for miss emily...(please read)  ["<erin tripp>" <gitroo]
  [ig-news] dickenson college (carlisle, pa) boot tree...  [marivel danielso]
  [ig-news] fs: promo posters                 [ (eponine66)]


date: wed, 1 jul 1998 16:41:19 -0500
from: andi <>
subject: [ig-news] ig letter in spin

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this was posted to the ani list, rbr-fans:

<<hi. i'm hoping someone didn't already post this, but i just found this
letter in the spin that landed in my mailbox yesterday. it's the indigo
girls, refering to some quotes ani made in spin's top 40 artists thingy a
couple months ago..

we know ani difranco to be a person of laudable political depth and a
socially responsible ceo,  but we found her comment on the tradition of
political activism in folk music to be dismissive and incomplete.  we agree
that one cannot speak for a community that she or he doesn't come from, but
there is a vast difference between speaking for and working with a
disenfranchised group.  the folk community has long recognized the
interconnectedness of all struggle and oppression. true grassroots
community activism means that one can help support a community without
co-opting its identity of dictating the parameters of its movement.  too
often the mainstream music media undermine political action- either by
failing to give a story the coverage it deserves or by affecting the
flippancy or cynicism in order to justify their own apathy.

as for the "rumored" rolling thunder pussy revue tour, ani was involved in
some imaginative dialogue about the project. however, she is not a founder
or facilitator of it, and this tour is not meant to be an "anti-lilith
fair, anti-palooza thing."  its seeds were planted five years ago when
siouxsie sioux and ferron joined us on the road as musical guests.  various
jams and late-night poker games inspired us to start plotting a rock club
tour composed of women from diverse artistic persuasions.  we are in the
final planning stages for rolling thunder, which is slated for late august.
amy ray and emily saliers
indigo girls
decatur georgia

and here's the quotes they're referring to: (spin, may 98)
spin: how big a part does social awareness play in your definition of a
ani: politics are very important.  music that rises out of a given
community is much more likely to be in touch with the issues of that
community that is slick l.a., nashville, or new york industry hoo-ha.  i'm
very leery of people who tell stories far outside of themselves.  you know,
"i come from long island and i speak for the native americans," or "i come
from dayton and i speak for the rain forest."  roots, world music, original
rap/hip-hop-- those are all kinds of folk music. i know i'm going to get
slammed for saying that.

spin: what about that rolling thunder pussy revue you used to joke about
doing-- a sort of anti-lilith fair, anti-palooza thing?
ani: i'd love to get oumou sangare, this amazing west african
singer/violinist.  and tribe 8, lucinda williams, salt-n-pepa-- they rock
so hard-- mary margaret o'hara, queen latifah. boy, now i'm pipe-dreaming.
we were talking about having a house band with different women fronting it.
can you imagine a revolving door on the mike, with me'shell ndegeocello on
bass, bonnie raitt on guitar, sheila e. on drums?  fuck, i'd be creaming!>>

                                  andrea lipman

                        "i've always been an easy read
                just once i want to be a mystery"-catie curtis

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date: wed, 1 jul 1998 12:14:19 -0700
from: kathleen mulhern <>
subject: [ig-news] cnn review of lilith

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message that was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at  i cut out most of the article...]

i love it when people recognize emily's talent!!  yaaaaay!


review/music lilith fair succeeds beyond the music

by troy j. augusto


the rocking hourlong set by indigo girls, while the sun went down, was the
all-star spot in the program. guests included actress ellen degeneres and
blues traveler's john popper, who blew some mean harp; and second-stage
musicians tara mclean and billie myers joined the band.

but it was emily salier's sharp guitar play, including a nifty acoustic
slide portion, that stole the set.


- -
- --

"we are pretentious.  we are bad poetry.
and (we are) self-congratulatory.  but that's okay,
because we're only in it for the money."
        -indigo girls

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date: wed, 1 jul 1998 23:58:15 edt
from: "<erin tripp>" <>
subject: [ig-news] donating for miss emily...(please read)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  emily's birthday is on july
22nd and, as has been the case the past couple of years, there
is going to be a charity drive.  this time around the money
raised will be sent to atlanta youth pride, given that ig
appeared on the "thrive" benefit and the recent high school
cancellations... see below for more details.  this is a gift
not just from the list at but from all the ig online
fan community, so all donations will be gladly accepted!]

alrighty folks... the results are up... and in case you were delete happy,
atlanta youth pride was chosen as the lucky charity this year.  and like it
has been said bfore, this is for emily, not you and i... b/c honestly, i voted
for habitat for humanity, but hey, youth pride won, so i am all for it.  and
thank you to everyone who voted out there.  thanks for expressing your opinion
in a good way... see, if we work together, then all things will come
together... we are all on this list for one purpose... to express our
appriciation to each other about the girls... that's what it really comes down

ok... so now about the donations.  as you all know, or will know now, jill and
i have not yet figured out exactly how we will get the gift to emily.  there
are several options, and whether it is mailed to sulli, the charity, her home,
or even presented during a concert, it will get there...  no worries about
that.  now.  rena (the woman!) is still planning on making a card for her, and
so far her ideas kick ass!  so one way or another, everyones names will be
signed to the card, and she is going to personally recieve it.. if nothing
else.  (meaning if we have to mail the gift to the charity....

ok folks, so when you are considering donating, remember everything the indigo
girls have ever done for you... this is your chance.  your chance to pay them
back... and so what if we cant say thank you in person?  there are other
ways... and this is one of them.  so just remember that.  and take into
consideration this:  even if you can only scrap up 4 quarters, hey, it's
better than that person who didnt bother mailing anything. but then again, if
you cant spare it, i am sure she'll understand :) thanks again for everyones
cooperation, and i apologize if i have done anything to offend anyone...  just
trying to do what i think is best.  :)

you can mail the checks to this address:

erin tripp
2907 carrington dr. sw
decatur, al  35603

my phone # is 256 351 1271
my email addy is gi

~ please make checks payable to:

youthpride atlanta
p.o. box 15448
atlanta, ga  30333

~now, make sure to include a note saying your name, address, and who the
donation is in the name of.

*and dont forget to put emily saliers bday on the subject line!!!

alrighty folks, this should do it for now... hope that covers most
everything... if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask!  or hell call,
i wont mind :)

have an indiglowing thursday all!

erin tripp

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date: thu, 2 jul 1998 02:20:13 -0400
from: marivel danielson <>
subject: [ig-news] dickenson college (carlisle, pa) boot tree...

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

indigo girls at dickenson college in carlisle, pa
april 26th, 1998  tape length: 100 min

quality:  average, but complete and possibly the only recording to survive the
monsoon-like april shower with which we were blessed that lovely evening...


a                         b
shame on you              chickenman
least comp.               virginia woolf
nashville                 i don't wanna know
get out the map           cut it out/wish you were here
shed your skin            galileo
power of two              ghost
renunion                  gone again
love's recovery           closer to fine
world falls
it's alright

birthday month/branch

jan,feb,mar:    (karen)

apr,may,june:    (bethany)

july,aug,sept:   (heather)

oct,nov,dec:   (jude)

(also anyone who happens to come upon this post after july 15th can contact me
to dub at the above overflow address)

painfully obvious instructions: if you want a copy of this boot e-mail the
branch listed next to your birthday month.  arrange a trade or blank/sase
exchange and they will provide you with pertinent info.  branches have not yet
received their tapes, but everything is in the mail as of 2 days ago, so they
should arrive before your sases (although some of y'all amaze me with your
"postal quickness").  sorry for the delay.  take care...

marivel    "you taste just like
                i thought you would
                      you feel alright by me
                            it's been a while for me you know
                                    but i'm willing to let things
                                             just be..."  -brenda weiler

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date: 2 jul 1998 05:53:25 gmt
from: (eponine66)
subject: [ig-news] fs: promo posters

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls newsgroup,  note i don't have
anything to do with this person, just passing the message on...]

hi :)
i have the following indigo girls promo posters for sale, shipping is extra.

1. promo color shot blue backround, w/ lilith fair dates on bottom. 30x24
    i have 2 in perfect condition, selling for 20 bucks

2. promo 36x24 front:color shot on bottom says "shaming of the sun"
              back: b&w shot w/ a short album review on the top
    i have 2 in perfect condition, selling for 25 bucks

please email me if you are interested or have any questions.
liz :)

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #120

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