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  [ig-news] the donations....              ["<erin tripp>" <>]


date: thu, 2 jul 1998 16:57:25 edt
from: "<erin tripp>" <>
subject: [ig-news] the donations....

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at and is further to the message
about emily's birthday project that i forwarded yesterday...]

sorry folks, you are all right... my mistake.  i forgot to include that nice
little deadline.

ok.  so at this point, i am going to say, let's try to have them all in by
july 13th... that gives us all 11 days to get rolling, and also plenty of time
for me to send them in to yp.

ok.  it was mentioned that it would be easier to just mail them directly to
the charity, and maybe it would have been, but i am sorry to regret that i
have already had some folks mail theirs in.  maybe another mistake by me, so
if it bothers anyone to mail it to me first, then we can work something out.
hey, im easy :)

hope you all had a booo tiful day!

later, erin

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