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  [ig-news] another lilith review           [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] overseas donations...          ["<erin tripp>" <>]


date: sat, 04 jul 1998 11:08:36 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] another lilith review

hey folks,

this came through the lilith fair list, apparently from the web
(i'm not sure where from...)

- -sherlyn

lilith fair '98
rose bowl
june 27, 1998
reviewed by carrie bell


despite being the headliner, mclachlan made an earlier appearance with
the indigo girls. these women know a thing or two about performing live
and giving it 100%. they tore through guitar-heavy versions of tracks
like "galileo." sinead o'conner guested on a 10-minute "chickenman" that
was spruced up with harmonica by blues traveler's john popper. shawn
colvin and mclachlan harmonized on "the water is wide." continuing the
improvisational unity and capping off a powerful mid-show appearance, the
amped folk duo was joined by most of the day's players including billie
myers, tara maclean (the next jewel?), colvin, and even ellen degeneres
on "closer to fine" and a charged cover of neil young's "rockin' in the
free world."


carrie bell is the modern age columnist for billboard.


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"and when it matters most and i can't be found,
you just climb up to the top and you will find me hanging around
with people who think they can..."     - the waifs

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date: fri, 3 jul 1998 09:35:00 edt
from: "<erin tripp>" <>
subject: [ig-news] overseas donations...

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey folks, someone asked me about overseas donations, and she figured that the
best way would be to send cash.. and that is fine by me.  if you want
(personally), then i will write out one of my checks, with your amount, sign
my name, and underneath of that write the donater's name and whatever else.
you choose!  again, my address and youth prides... oh yea, to reassure your
checks are going there, that's why i asked you to put their address on the
check.. perhaps underneath the youth pride part... or just somewhere :)

send checks to:
erin tripp
2907 carrington dr. sw
decatur, al  35603

or to jill's house, but sorry!  i deleted that letter jill!  write her at if you need to send them to her.

make checks payable to:

youthpride atlanta
p.o. box 15448
atlanta, ga  30333

~now, make sure to include a note saying your name, address, and who the
donation is in the name of.

*and dont forget to put emily saliers bday on the subject line!!!

p.s  i have contacted youth pride explaining our situation, but i am still
waiting on a return call.  ill keep you guys updated :)

smiles to all,
erin tripp

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #122

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