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  [ig-news] complete info on the new 3-cd ig release  ["lance s. longwell" <]


date: sun, 5 jul 1998 23:22:28 -0400
from: "lance s. longwell" <>
subject: [ig-news] complete info on the new 3-cd ig release

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey kind friends,

ok, i've seen the new 3-cd set release that epic will be putting out
(it's already out here in new york city).  here is the complete info for
everyone who cares (or doesn't).

it's a white cardboard box (open on 1 end) with the 3 cd's inside.
celo-wrap around the outside.  price of $29.99.  the white cardboard has
some nice gray shading (cutsy is the best way to describe it).  the front
cover has three picutres of the 3 album covers (ig, n*i*s, and strang
fire)--however, the pictures are shrunk down so as to barefly be
noticeable.  on the back, it has the track listings to the 3 cds.  also,
on the back, in the upper left corner it says, "this set contains no
previously unreleased material."

no new songs.  no new pictures.  no new liner notes.  bummer.

my own personal critique is that whoever did the graphic design at epic
should be shot.  sitting with all the other "cool" boxed sets it looks
extremely bland.  it's cd sized (not even oversized) and from a distance
of 5 feet (with my glasses on), i could hardly tell it was even the
indigo girls.

the only reason to buy it would be to get the first 3 ig cds super cheap.
otherwise, it doesn't contain anything that a collector wouldn't already

look for it in a store near you at the end of the month.  e-mail me if
you've got any questions.


lance s. longwell
harlem, new york city, usa

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