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ig-news-digest         thursday, july 9 1998         volume 01 : number 127

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] columbus lf review (long)  [mike cunningham <mcunningham5@earthl]
  [ig-news] detroit free press lilith review  [amy vorpagel <vorpagel@hotmai]


date: wed, 8 jul 1998 05:45:30 -0400
from: mike cunningham <>
subject: [ig-news] columbus lf review (long)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]


polaris amphitheater, columbus oh, july 5th.
indigo girls: 7:50 - 8:40pm

after driving from indianapolis that morning (setlist to come soon for the
4th) the weather was once again beautiful.  unfortunately, there's a time
change from indy to oh - so i was an extra hour late.  there's no
tailgaiting so that didn't matter - right into the festival!

during sinead's set - which didn't really push my buttons - there was an
early appearance by a&e!  during "this is my last acquaintance" (?) the
girls came out and did an awesome job!  that song was my fave for sinead and
it just got better (i love that "ho ho ho!" part)  emily was sharing a mike
(not me <g>) w/ the bassist.  amy had her own mike (that's me this time) on
the "amy side" & the cute part was when sinead & amy were sharing a bunch o'
laughs / smiles together.  the song really rocked - just like emperor's new
clothes that started her set out (sans ig).

ig setlist:

i don't wanna know
shed your skin
get out the map
scooter boys(soc)
least complicated
down by the river
closer to fine

amy, emily, jerry, jane, dave & others

chickenman - sinead & dave came out - and did an awesome job.  i've seen too
many chickenman's at this point, so to hear sinead do her own verse/chorus
was amazing!  she has a great voice (too bad a few of her slow songs put me
to sleep) and dave was great as usual.

galileo got the lf crowd goin'.  i don't wanna know was great and you can
really hear saliers & ray really clicking together on this song.

[when i got the setlist, i asked the kewl soundboard femme where the extra
song was added - she then used her magic red pen and crossed off water is
wide (that had n'dea & sarah penciled in) right after i don't wanna know and
added lc towards the end - she's the best!]

shed your skin (w/ natalie's trumpeter) - not my fave, but it would have
been awesome if rage was there!

scooter boys & the soc was awesome - i was standing in the 12th row (amy
side) yellin' at the top of lungs during this song - while everyone around
me was on their collective arces lookin' at me like i had 4 heads!  but that
didn't bother me one bit! ( little world...)

ghost - ahhhhhhhhh! - no words, just ahhhhh......

[at this point, amy seems to be getting ready to start another song - but
then sully comes out & chat's w/ emily, and then emily goes to the left side
of the stage to get a new guitar.  at this point amy goes "so, any
questions?"  - and then i was like "any questions!!!! - i've got
millions!!!! (and lots of pairs from the list!)  i think somebody asked for
ctf - and she said "don't worry, we'll get to that"  and i was like - "no,
duh?!".......*poof*...back to the music]

least complicated...  very fun - but the crowd's got to work on it's singing -
lord knows i'm not the one to sing very well or loud.

down by the river - (w/ me'shell on bass)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!  not many people knew this song - but it was my highlight of
the show!  amy really belts it out and neil would certainly be proud "i shot
my baby!!!!!!!!"  i know it sounds funny to scream that - but it's just so
powerful and so gutsy!

ctf- great! w/ "all" - sinead and all her band members, and sister 7 doing a
verse (i think) - which she really belted out!!  wow, she's got some lungs!
(and some killer tattoos too [choo choo])  but it was a lot of fun, and if
the show ended here, it would be a great ending.

i'm not sure of natalie's entire set but she closed w/ kind & generous which
was awesome!!!  it's just such a happy song, and in the end the band (w/
jerry on bongos) jammed it out for awhile!  natalie leaves the stage and
then runs back to her "pedestal" and then her crew guy brings her circus
cape and puts it on her back...  she then dances around for a bit & then
leaves the stage while the band keeps jamming on...  a real happy exciting
ending which ended up being the last song of the day... 8-(

amy's new tattoo was visible the whole set - talk about having your eyes
glued to something!  jane & her cello added a lot to the music, along w/ the
other artists - and that's the best part of lilith, the other artists
joining together to make every day and performance a memorable one.

thanks for listening!
ps:  eat before you go in - lines tooooooo long!
ps:  try the regular or strawberry margarita, yummy!!! (& no line!)

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date: wed, 8 jul 1998 17:51:42 pdt
from: amy vorpagel <>
subject: [ig-news] detroit free press lilith review

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

got this from today's detroit free press:
reprinted without permission. available (with sarah and ig pictures) at

lilith fair lives up to reputation
july 8, 1998
by brian mccollum
free press pop music critic


the indigo girls are among lilith's best fits, sporting college
jangle and campfire harmonies that meld seamlessly with the
festival's demographics. the duo's 45-minute set tuesday was
appropriately animated, with yearning vocals on "a song for
virginia woolf" and a banjo-mandolin romp through "get out
the map."

the pair's final tune, the modern classic "closer to fine,"
featured a bevy of guests, including raitt and show organizer
sarah mclachlan. it was among the largest of such
collaborations, which popped up throughout the day in ritual
fashion and often came off forced, with guests often fumbling
or faking through their parts.


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