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  [ig-news] ig items for sale (sys red/blue, atlanta roxy ticket)  [deanna l]


date: sat, 1 aug 1998 15:27:31 -0400
from: deanna light <>
subject: [ig-news] ig items for sale (sys red/blue, atlanta roxy ticket)

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hey, everyone.  i have three items i'd like to offer for sale to the list at
large.  inspired by the fairness to all of the recent "lottery" system for
selling items on the list, i'd like to do them all by lottery, and will sell
each item for exactly the price i paid for it originally.  here's what i have:

1.  shed your skin promo (blue cover): $35
2.  shed your skin promo (red cover): $20
3.  one ticket to the roxy show on wednesday, august 5:  $20 ($16 + tm

- ---------------------------------------------

here's how the sale will work:

1.  send me one e-mail for each item you are interested in.
        a.  for the blue sys promo, put "blue sys" in the subject.
        b.  for the red sys promo, put "red sys" in the subject.
        c.  for the roxy ticket, put "roxy ticket" in the subject.

please note that you should send a separate e-mail for each item you are
interested in.  for example, to enter the lottery for both the red and blue
sys promo, you would send me one e-mail with "blue sys" in the subject, and
one with "red sys" in the subject.

2.  on monday, august 3, at 6 am (yes, *am*!), i will "draw" for the roxy
ticket and notify the winner.  i would greatly prefer to sell to someone in
the atlanta area who could arrange to pick up the ticket from me either on
monday or tuesday evening, so as to avoid confusion on the evening of the

3.  on thursday, august 6, at 6 pm, i will "draw" for the red and blue sys
promos and notify the winners.  we can then arrange for shipping and/or

- ---------------------------------------------

i realize that the prices on the sys promos are a bit steep, but again,
these are the prices i paid for them back during the feeding frenzy that the
appearance of these singles generated.  if nobody is interested in these
items at these prices, i will put them on ebay and sell them to the highest
bidder -- but i wanted to offer them up to the list first, because i'd
rather have them go to *fans*.

thanks, everyone.  i'll post the results to the list after the lotteries are

- --
deanna light

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