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theres an article in issue #27 of guitar world acoustic magazine on liltih
fair, and a half a page interview with amy... also a nice looking picture of
them, amy is holding her blonde colored guitar and emily lookin all cute with
her banjo and her hat backwards... :)  found it at books a million last
night.. have never seen this picture bfore... here's the article...

title:  girl power:  the indigo girls say all's fair in love and music.

with the indigo girls returning to the lilith fair lineup this year, amy ray
and emily saliers are two of the festival's  veterans.  before the tour kicked
off, ray shared her thoughts on  the festivals success and the drawbacks
pinpointed by its critics, and explained why she and saliers agreed to be a
part of it again.

guitar world acoustic:  one of the highlights of the '97 show was the indigo
girls collaboration with sarah mclachlan and jewel on "water is wide."  im
always disappointed that most festivals dont include more one-off
combinations.  is lilith particularly conducive to that?

amy ray:  i think it is.  emily and i are used to an atmosphere of
collaboration from our days on the atlanta music scene.  we figure if youre at
a festival with so many talented people, you should make use of them.

gwa:  last year sarah m. talked about possible opening up the festival to male
performers, but she decided to keep it an all-female affair.  what do you
think about that?

ar:  the whole point of it is that women are the focus, and i dont find any
problem with that.  it hasnt marginalized women the way that some peopl,e
thought it would.  its nothing but positive as far as im concerned, so i think
they wshould keep it the way it is and let it ride.

gwa:  what about those female performers like bjork and shirley manson who say
separatism is a step backward?

ar:  i understand that bent a little bit.  at times in my life, ive felt that
we need to evolve to a pplace where women are truly equal to men and theres
not this idea that women have to have their own space.  but the reality is
that men have dominated all aspects of the music industry.  i think women are
just now starting to get some of the notoriety they deserve.  maybe they'll
get it for a while, and then it'll be called a trend, and then we'll have to
go back and reassess again.  but every trend that happens is a small step

gwa:  what did you learn on lilith last year?

ar:  women tend to judge other women in many of the ways that maybe men judge
women.  you might see a glamorous woman star and feel she's not as good b/c
she's glamorous.  i learned that i might judge people based on a media
perception or an image that has nothing to do with what their music actually
sounds like.

gwa:  i can only guess who you're talking about.

ar: <laughs> well, there are so many...

gwa:  anyone in particular?

ar:  no, i cant... well, i definitely wasnt down on jewel or anything.  but
heres someone i was completely unfamiliar with.  and i was blown away by her
talent, her approach, her versatility, her spontaneity,.  i probably didnt pay
attention to her before because of the image and the the media.

gwa:  how was the audience different from those of your other tours?

ar:  it was bigger and a little more family-oriented.  i wasled around alot
during the festival.  it was a good atmosphere-so good that the performers
could walk around and not get hounded.  it was relaxed, laid-back, an
everybody's-here-to-hear-the-music environment.


there are also about 10 other good photos of other lilith performers....

take care folks,

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