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  [ig-news] review:  newport folk fest    ["amy j. putnam" <>]


date: sun, 9 aug 1998 21:22:31 -0700
from: "amy j. putnam" <>
subject: [ig-news] review:  newport folk fest

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i'm still sort of fried from a day in the sun, but i wanted to give
a brief review.

ig closed the day and festival, as is becoming a mostly annual
tradition.  their set seemed pretty lively to me.  i didnt
take notes, and i am sure at least one person will post a
complete set list, but  i can recall opening with walk away with
michelle malone.  amy, especially, seemed pretty happy to be there
and was bouncing about all over the place.  michelle malone
came out occassionally, wasnt there for the whole set.  songs i
recall...ghost, least complicated, three hits, power of two,
faye tucker, gone again, galileo, shed your skin...i know
i am missing at least a couple.  the encore was a pair of songs
featuring a ton of people...first, the weight, adn then closer
to fine.  dar williams even chimed in a verse on closer to fine.
also on stage was sara lee, tom rush, catie curtis...did ani come out?
i dont recall noticing. it was a crowded stage, and there were more
people up there than i know names for...

besides ig, ani and dar both turned in very enjoyable sets.
cheryl wheeler was also splendid.  i missed all second stage
sets, but i hear that michelle malone and catie curtis were
quite good.

all in all, it was a very enjoyable newport.  gonna be tough to
go back to work on monday....

amy p.                    \       /     who holds your hand            \     /      when you're alone          \   /
the original photo monk      \ /                --patty larkin

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