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date: sat, 15 aug 1998 13:07:58 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] old article from music midtown site

hey folks,

i found this while searching the web... it's from the access
atlanta music midtown site, so it's a bit old (music midtown
was in may)... but anyway.  if you want to have a look at the
site you can find it at:


the indigo girls: bringing pride to atlanta
by russell hall, special to access atlanta

of all the great bands to emerge from atlanta and go on to national
acclaim, perhaps none has reflected better on the city than the
indigo girls. for more than a decade, amy ray and emily saliers
have adroitly woven a heartfelt social consciousness into their
songs while at the same time injecting a communal spirit into their
music and performances. last year the duo's infectious spirit was
in full bloom on the lilith fair tour, as evidenced during a vh-1
interview when festivalcoordinator sarah mclachlan credited the
indigo girls with erasing all sense of ego from the assemblage of

"that was gratifying," says ray, speaking during a stop on the
duo's current tour. "it's gratifying just for [mclachlan] to
recognize us in general. on a tour like that, at some point people
are going to get bored with themselves and will start evolving and
playing with each other naturally, whether we're there to instigate
it or not. but then again, that's what we do. we go into a festival
atmosphere and try to get people to play together,because that's
what we feel should be happening."

adds saliers: "when amy and i get around other musicians, we're like
kids in a candy store. just to stand back and watch emmylou harris
sing her set-and sheryl crow, and jewel, and sarah, all these great
people-it seemed like a perfect opportunity for everybody to come
together and jam. and that's the school that amy and i are from. we
grew up in atlanta, where everybody jammed together and supported
one another, and there was no ego-stuff going on."

saliers and ray began their career in earnest back in the mid '80s,
when they divided their time between studies at emory university and
performing at local clubs. although they each played acoustic
guitars, the two deliberately forsook the coffeehouse circuit in
favor of alternative-rock venues. from 1985-87 they were the
unofficial house band for atlanta's little five points pub, during
which time they recorded an ep and a full-length album on their own
indie label. by the time a representative from epic came calling, the
duo had built up a solid core following that included members of
r.e.m. although signing to a major label has been known to cause
resentment among some fans of "indie" rockers, ray points out that
that was never a problem for the indigo girls.

"our fans aren't like that, and they weren't like that at the time. i
think that's because we were very obvious about not changing. we
didn't move, we toured in a van for the first year, and we played and
recorded songs they were already familiar with. and we didn't change
our sound drastically. our audience, in general, seems to be very
supportive of whatever we do, and we're lucky for that."

in addition to releasing seven critically-acclaimed albums (and
earning five grammy nominations), the indigo girls have garnered a
reputation as tireless advocates for a variety of worthwhile causes.
more than mere spokeswomen, the two have helped stage countless
benefit shows, and have taken part in recording projects whose
profits are distributed to various charities. among the organizations
cited in the liner notes of their most recent cd, "shaming of the sun",
are hand gun control inc., youth pride, the coalition of environmental
federations, and the honor the earth campaign. saliers points out that
the duo's education about such matters has come about primarily through
their travels, and that native americans have been a particular

"we've sort of honed our interests in on indigenous people's issues.
they're the true environmentalists. it runs through their blood. but
traditional people don't think of themselves as environmentalists --
it's just that their way of living takes into account future
generations and protection of our resources. for them, it's like
breathing, and amy and i feel we can learn much from that way of

=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
"it's better to breathe out, better to leap before you look."
                                        - peter mulvey

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date: fri, 14 aug 1998 12:42:54 +0000
from: kathrin siegmund <>
subject: [ig-news] ig articles

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]


just stumbled across this url. they have quite a few articles about
the girls including concert and album reviews:

here's the list of their stuff (sorry about the format, it got
scrambled up while pasting...):

                      indigo girls by elizabeth thomas, contemporary
                      musicians indigo girls by rick clark, all music


                      ben & jerry's newport folk festival by joe f.
                      compton , dirty linen chapter two:
                      singer-songwriters by craig harris, the new folk
                      music exposure: birds of a feather, spin going
                      postal, spin selected discography of featured
                      performers by craig harris, the new folk music
                      soundbites: the ellen syndrome by donna moran,

                 album reviews:

                      indigo girls - back on the bus y'all (sony) by
                      rick clark, all music guide indigo girls -
                      indigo girls (sony) by rick clark, all music
                      guide indigo girls - nomad indians saints (sony)
                      by rick clark, all music guide indigo girls -
                      rites of passage (sony) by chris woodstra, all
                      music guide indigo girls - strange fire (sony)
                      by chris woodstra, all music guide indigo girls
                      - swamp ophelia (sony) by rick clark, all music
                      guide various - sweet relief ii: gravity of the
                      situation (columbia) by faith quintavell, music

                 performance reviews:

                      ben and jerry's newport folk festival - the jvc
                      jazz festival (newport, ri) by craig harris ,
                      dirty linen bread & roses benefit alcatraz
                      island, san francisco, ca, october 19, 1996, by
                      mitch ritter , dirty linen

                 press releases:

                      indigo girls update by epic records
                      various artists - sweet relief ii - songs of vic
                      chesnutt (columbia) by columbia records

have fun reading:-)!


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