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ig-news-digest        thursday, august 27 1998        volume 01 : number 170

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] chicago 8/25 review        [sue kwan <>]
  [ig-news] some suffragette press  [stephanie strassel <strassel@babel.ling]
  [ig-news] article from ny citysearch      [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] suffragette article from philly weekly  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@fl]
  [ig-news] fs: original strange fire vinyl (lmmii) for sale  [sherlyn koo <]


date: wed, 26 aug 1998 06:57:03 -0500
from: sue kwan <>
subject: [ig-news] chicago 8/25 review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey hey peeps...

i'm not gonna go nuts on a descriptive review...but, i must say that last
nite's show has probably been the best for them so far.  how do i know?
they kept thankin us for listening... and...lots of smiles!!! our crowd of
800 where pretty damn quiet through out the show...even for the scary jean
smith songs.  we were quiet when we supposed to be, and all the
"woohoooing" came at the right times (at least up in the front for most of
the nite).  i the end, even jean the "scary suffragette" stopped
to say "thanks chicago!!" with a smile on her face.
anyways, everyone on the cramped little stage was relaxed and there was
lots of banter and jokin around back and forth in between songs.  i think
everybody's finally got their grooves in sync :)

guests for the nite:  kelly hogan and rose polenzani (as amy said, rose
*is* the shit!)

the host for the nite was josephine whiggs of the breeders.  (people!!  if
you want to request songs, request the breeders' "cannonball"!!  it should
be played in tonite's show...hopefully).

here is what's on their setlist:
roll the dice
love is everything
"jean" -- spoken word bit
tengo la vida  (woo! en espanol!)
pullin a cloud
under your skin (i loved this)
"olga's birthday" -- solo by rose polenzani
pale light
go (before i thought the old version was better...i think i changed my mind
miko case song -- kelly hogan guest lead vocal
power of two (i dont think i have ever seen emily hop around so much :d )
way below the radio
soon to be (em's new one)
ziggy stardust
- ---
**gone again** (not on the original setlist)
mignight train to ga

okay thats gonna be it for this review...i do wanna add that i was proud to
be a part of the respective crowd last nite.  go chicago!!  wooo!!!!

okay.  gotta go study for finals...later!
- --sue

p.s.  it was good seeing some listees again, and meeting new ones. ::waving

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date: wed, 26 aug 1998 13:06:38 -0400
from: stephanie strassel <>
subject: [ig-news] some suffragette press

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  i will grab the articles
and post them here shortly.]

here are a couple of suffragette articles i haven't seen mentioned on the
list yet:

1) the new york citysearch site has an article on the roseland ballroom,
which has a link to a brief sst article:

and that article has a link to an interview with amy:

2) for you philadelphia area listees, the philadelphia weekly has a nice
article about the sst in today's issue, and there's a great picture of the
girls too (one from the curve magazine shoot).  it's also online at:

hope to see lots of you in cincinnati, philly & new york!


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date: thu, 27 aug 1998 11:10:45 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] article from ny citysearch

hey folks,

here is the article from the new york citysearch site that
stephanie mentioned.  you can find it on the web at:


suffragette sessions  
location:   roseland ballroom  
address:   239 w. 52nd street
new york , 10019  
cross street:   between eighth avenue and broadway.  
hours:   sep 3 thu 7:00pm  

tickets go on sale friday, july 31 at 12pm.

an all-girl, all-star jam session featuring the indigo girls,
lisa germano, jane siberry, gail ann dorsey, lourdes perez,
and heart's ann wilson, luscious jackson's kate schellenbach,
mecca normal's jean smith, come's thalia zedek, and josephine
wiggs of the breeders.

lisa germano speaks to the manic-depressive teen inside of us
all, particularly we girls. but she ain't missed-the-bus-for-
lilith fair type, no way. what sets her apart is her
straightforward lyrics--no messing about with metaphors about
drowning and darkness and other mystical shit, she comes right
out and says she's miserable because her man dissed her and
looking at victoria's secret catalogues makes her feel fat.
germano's music often goes floating down denial: most of it
sounds curiously happy. she mixes middle eastern beats, music
boxes, violins, slide whistles, harmoniums, tap-dancing feet,
and who knows what else into something truly original. live,
she may only accompany herself on piano or a single guitar,
but her songs remain strong and her remarkable presence takes
over.--lissa townsend rodgers

amy ray and emily saliers have combined declaiming harmonies
and aggressive acoustic guitars to sell hundreds of thousands
of records. the girls continue to explore the studio on their
new album "shaming of the sun" (epic). despite charting new
territory, the indigos remain true to their firm folk and
women's-music roots. they've also managed to garner pop grammy
accolades. the indigo girls have gone from atlanta
coffeehouses to playing madison square garden without selling
out--a rare accomplishment. check out the interview with the
girls.--kerry burke

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -            [sydney, australia]
"life can be so dramatic - but it was real at the time..."
                                        - the waifs

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date: thu, 27 aug 1998 11:59:12 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] suffragette article from philly weekly

hey folks,

here is the article that stephanie mentioned from the
philadelphia weekly.  you can find it on the web at:


p r e v i e w   m u s i c

suffragette city

the indigos and other girls unite for an all-star jam.

by steve baltin

suffragette sessions
wed., sept. 2, 8 p.m.
tickets $22
electric factory
7th & willow streets, phila.

remember the bygone era of the "supergroup"? where high-caliber
musicians joined forces -- like eric clapton with steve winwood
(for blind faith)? or how about the seemingly lost art of
"jamming," which, with the exception of the infrequent all-star
benefit concert, has virtually gone the way of the dinosaur and
the edsel?

back in the day, when peace and love were the mainstays of the
music scene, musicians -- led by the likes of the grateful dead
in the rock world -- would join each other onstage and play
together for hours at a time. the indigo girls recall that time
of harmony, both figuratively and literally; in fact, amy ray
and emily saliers remember that era so fondly that they've
decided to do their part to resurrect both jamming and the
supergroup with one brief 11-city tour.

dubbed the suffragette sessions, the tour has a festival vibe,
with several big-name acts (the indigo girls, luscious
jackson's kate schellenbach) and cult heroines (jane siberry
and come's guitarist/vocalist thalia zedek) sharing a stage.
the difference between the suffragette tour and something like
lollapalooza or lilith is that the various women on this bill
literally share the stage, attempting to function as a cohesive

"i'm thrilled to work in this capacity with the indigos and all
the other women involved," says siberry. "i hope to play guitar
and keyboards. i'm a good sidewoman, but i rarely get to
exercise that part." for each performer in the lineup, a show
this different from their normal solo, headlining or opening
slots offers a variety of incentives to participate -- from
camaraderie to exposure.

"i can play some background stuff, but they've asked me to be
me and to play my songs as well," says lisa germano. "i'm
really excited about it." germano is a critically hailed artist
who has yet to break through sales-wise, making her one of the
acts who stands to gain the most from a tour like this.

the genesis for the suffragette tour came about, not
surprisingly, from ray and saliers' well-documented penchant
for playing with other musicians. this is something that's been
in the works for years. "five years ago, we were on stage with
siouxsie sioux and ferron," says saliers. "picture an acoustic
band, the ultimate goth queen and a brilliant folk singer
covering billie holiday, the creatures' 'something wicked this
way comes' and our [own] 'closer to fine.'

"on the bus after the shows," she continues, "we started talking
about assembling a tour of musicians playing collectively.
suffragette sessions is that tour, and it includes elements of
latin music, spoken word, punk, folk, poetry, sweat, cacophony,
1-3-5 and general mayhem."

saliers is not boasting when she describes the versatility of
the lineup she and ray have assembled for the 11 dates. in
addition to the indigos, schellenbach, siberry and zedek;
singer/bassist gail ann dorsey (who has played with bowie and
tears for fears), singer/guitarist lourdes perez, mecca normal's
jean smith, the breeders' josephine wiggs and musician
extraordinaire germano will be in the band.

ray calls the suffragette sessions tour "a socialist experiment
in rock 'n' roll." perhaps because of the loose vibe of the tour
founders, the performers are carrying on that attitude. "i just
want it to connect," says germano. "i hope my songs work and
that i can do justice to these other people's songs."

the shows are in venues slightly bigger than nightclubs --
though the indigo girls usually headline bigger places on their
own -- and are limited to just 11 cities. this validates ray's
claim that this sojourn is more about creative possibilities
than the potential to become a cash cow.

ray says, "while alliances in the music industry are being made
in the name of profit, the aim of the sst tour is to establish
a collective that encourages cross-pollination between artists
and musical genres in the name of creativity."

if the indigo girls and their co-conspirators succeed in
bringing creativity and camaraderie back to contemporary music,
fans could be the ones who benefit the most. as music junkies,
we've all thought about what it would be like to see our
favorite artists side by side on a stage; die-hard music-lovers
are as into "rotisserie" leagues as much as any fantasy

who among us wouldn't sell his soul to go back in time and see
miles and coltrane jamming? today -- with the interference of
record companies, the level of competition for radio and
mtv-play and the need to preserve the "mystique" of bands --
two such giants (who used to play together regularly) would
likely appear only onstage together as a warm-up for a
pay-per-view wrestling event.

suffragette sessions may not lead to one day seeing bono and
madonna exchanging smiles as they take turns on the verses of
"pride (in the name of love)," or to bruce springsteen playing
guitar for smashing pumpkins, but it will be awfully cool to
see jane siberry and lisa germano in the same band, if only for
a night.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -            [sydney, australia]
   "well i've taken to talking to myself,
    and i don't even get it..."         - patty larkin

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date: thu, 27 aug 1998 16:04:57 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fs: original strange fire vinyl (lmmii) for sale

hey everyone,

i found this on the newsgroup... i have no affiliation with
this person whatsoever but i know this is always a hot item
so i thought i'd forward it on... note this person is
apparently in the netherlands...

- -sherlyn

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subject: original strange fire vinyl (lmmii) for sale
date: wed, 26 aug 1998 11:27:06 gmt

hi fellow indigo fans!

i cannot afford to have this original rarity locked up in my collection:

indigo girls: strange fire.
              indigo records lmmii, us 1987.+inner sleeve.
              this is a very nice copy, conservatory graded at vg+/vg+.
              minimum bid: usd 100.

bids accepted until sept. 2., p&p at cost.

bids to

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #170

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