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ig-news-digest       saturday, september 5 1998       volume 01 : number 178

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] ig in rolling stone (sept 17 issue)             []
  [ig-news] more info re: spitfire tour  [gail anthony <]
  [ig-news] ig in martin book            ["arin m. palmer" <>]
  [ig-news] info on "watershed" in southern voice          []
  [ig-news] nyc suffragette review  [stephanie strassel <strassel@babel.ling]
  [ig-news] indigo girl plans cafe in decatur (article - igc)  [carolyn <und]


date: fri, 4 sep 1998 09:50:29 edt
subject: [ig-news] ig in rolling stone (sept 17 issue)

(on page 30) - big headline: "star treatment"
"the food, the booze, the panties - what the stars of ozzfest and lilith fair
ask for backstage.  a roundup of tour riders."

listed are sarah mclachlan, ozzy osbourne, indigo girls, and limp bizkit.  and
here is what it says about ig:

"please purchase foods at a natural health-food store.  when available, use
organically grown vegetables and fruits.  no nabisco products

6 fresh bagels (no raisin or blueberry) with small cream cheese.  no kraft

unwaxed, recycled cups, plates, bowls.  no styrofoam

1 teapot

1 six-pack local microbrews

1 new york times

36 bath towels.  must be prewashed"

cool, huh?

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date: fri, 4 sep 1998 10:40:11 -0700 (pdt)
from: gail anthony <>
subject: [ig-news] more info re: spitfire tour

y'all, got this info from clemson university re: littlejohn colesium
where the spitfire tour will be held:

<you might try (864) 656-2461 which is the university union ticket
(they handle concerts on campus), or call the information desk at

gone (again!),

gail :)

mountains of black and gold, sunsets going over the moor
oh, take me there....

check out my home page at:
three finger cowboy page (* with new tour dates *) at:

do you yahoo!?
get your free address at

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date: fri, 4 sep 1998 21:25:24 edt
from: "arin m. palmer" <>
subject: [ig-news] ig in martin book

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey y'all,

i was at the bookstore earlier today and i picked up a book called martin
guitars, and i opened it up to a page with ig on it.  it totally did not look
like them.  i recognized the guitars before i recognized them.  shawn colvin
was also on that same page with her beautiful martin.  it was a really fun
book, but too expensive for my college student budget.


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date: fri, 4 sep 1998 09:41:49 edt
subject: [ig-news] info on "watershed" in southern voice

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this article was found on southern voice's website.
come as you are

though "fun spot" means different things to different people, soon-to-be drag
restaurant loca and cafe watershed cover a lot of bases

by gianna messina

combine the fiery flair of brazilian carnival drag with the laid-back decatur
lesbian lifestyle and you'll get a mix that blends as well as oil and water.
but individually, you reap the benefits of two distinct styles and fill in
some gaps in the atlanta scene. when it comes to dining out, or just hanging
out, restaurateur paul luna and indigo girl emily saliers have some good news
for you.


what do you do when your music is busy climbing the billboard charts and finds
itself on the edge of double platinum? what happens when your band routinely
sells out international tour dates and making hit albums is only secondary to
raising money and consciousness for the native american plight, habitat for
humanity, pro-choice efforts and political change in mexico-just to name a

most people would take a long vacation or at the very least make sure the
nobel peace prize folks get the correct spelling of their name. not emily
saliers of indigo girls, whose latest venture, a gourmet-cafe-winebar called
watershed, takes her closer to, well, home.

saliers, a native georgian, has teamed up with three other women to open a
combination cafe, gift and flower shop on decatur's ponce de leon. the shop's
offerings reflect each of the partner's special talents.

"each one of us brings something totally different to the project," saliers
explained. "we wanted [to create] the kind of place that leslie [zweben] and i
would want to go to-a relaxed atmosphere, someplace close to where we all

watershed seemed to be the solution. "basically we all feel that we're at a
turning point, and a side project like watershed, for me, is a fun venture."

just a couple doors down from ya ya's cajun cuisine, watershed won't be a
restaurant exactly, but a casual meeting place with everything from prepared
foods to go.

the partners, ross jones, leslie zweben, susan owens (of common pond) and
saliers, enlisted annie quatrano of bacchanalia to design the gourmet sandwich
menu complete with plenty of vegetarian selections. the shop will offer
everything from coffee and wine to gifts and flowers.

"we'll have wine tastings and a coffee bar," said owens. "a lot of love and
care went into this, and i think we'll be a welcome addition to decatur-the
city has been great to us."

watershed, which incidentally, is also an indigo girls song, won't have live
music on the menu, but saliers does hope to be on site occasionally. which
would only be another reason to stop by, but even if you don't run into the
indigo girl-watershed looks like is has all the right ingredients to be a
successful part of decatur's rapidly changing landscape and commercial

watershed will find it's home at 406 west ponce de leon, next to your
cleaners. although all the partners contributed their vision to the interior
design of the shop, dominick coyne, who designed floataway cafe, will oversee
the renovation and has chosen an industrial look for the project. if all goes
as planned, expect watershed to open the second week of october 1998.

(goes on with info on loco........)

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date: fri, 4 sep 1998 11:03:29 -0400
from: stephanie strassel <>
subject: [ig-news] nyc suffragette review

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

wow.  last night's suffragette show was incredible.  great venue, great
crowd and of course the suffragettes rocked!  the best one i've been to.

opening act was buffalo daughter, although shonen knife was there watching
the show.

the setlist (thanks josephine wiggs!!)

under your skin
chez virtue
way below the radio
roll the dice
pullin could (this is written in by hand)
tengo la vida
*guest performance by tracy bonham
[i'm not entirely sure of the order of the 3 previous songs - pullin cloud
is written in by hand with an arrow]
wood floors
soon to be nothing
pale light
love is everything
power of two
*guest performance by rose polenzani (with amy & emily doing harmony - rose
did "or" instead of the usual "olga's birthday" - at a&e's request, she
[there's something written in the margin here with an arrow but i can't
make it out - does anyone know what was added?]
midnight train to georgia

it was obvious from the minute they stepped on the stage that all the
performers were totally into the show.  lots of onstage antics.  no
individual host like at the other shows, so they took turns introducing one
another.  sulli said amy & emily made up the setlist for this show.  a big
huge "thank you" to the crowd at irving plaza!  no shouts for ig songs, no
screamers for amy, and minimal talking even during jean smith's spoken word
stuff.  amy thanked the crowd several times for their attentiveness.  the
acoustics at irving plaza were great (at least they were a vast improvement
over elec. factory in philly).

some highlights:

*musically it's hard to say what the highlights were - every single second
of the entire show?  i thought "go" was particularly rockin' last night and
thalia got the lyrics right this time :).  lisa germano's song "wood
floors" sounded particularly beautiful.  and "fisherman" from jane siberry
was a blast - lots of audience participation (walk!  what?) on this one and
jane seemed to be loving it.  oh, and "soon to be nothing" sounds very
polished now, like a finished song.  i really hope they keep lisa germano's
accordian part when they record it.  i think it adds so much texture to the



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date: fri, 4 sep 1998 08:40:46 -0700
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girl plans cafe in decatur (article - igc)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

the  atlanta business chronicle
august 7, 1998

indigo girl plans cafe in decatur

by barbara keenlyside

one of the indigo girls and three of her friends are opening a combination
wine bar, gourmet food store and cafe in her hometown of decatur, with an
eye toward providing a community gathering place.

"it will have a wine bar, gourmet sandwiches and foods, imported cheeses,
fresh breads, specialty gifts and fresh flowers," said indigo girl emily
saliers, who grew up in decatur. "it will be a warm, friendly place, a
gathering place for the community."

the indigo girls are a grammy awardwinning folk rock duo whose work is known
internationally and whose latest album is called "shaming of the sun."

the bar-storecafe will add to the burgeoning decatur restaurant scene.

hip, cheerful and noisy cafes and restaurants such as ya ya's cajun cuisine
and the food business are sprouting up like daisies in vacant lots and
re-energizing the sleepy town.

"i love decatur's vibe," saliers said. she and ross jones, leslie zweben and
susan owens, who also owns the virginiahighland shop common pond, will open
their new venture at 406 west ponce de leon ave. next to ya ya's and across
from the wachovia bank building. it will be called watershed, which, only
incidentally, is the name of one of saliers' songs.

emily saliers: envisions "a gathering place for the community" with wine bar
and food shop.

"we called it that because it represents, for all of us, a turning point,"
saliers said. "it reflects our ages. the four of us are all in our mid-30s,
{an age when} you look at the path you're headed down."

all great friends, saliers said, they asked themselves "what's our favorite
kind of place?" when they put it together, they came up with the idea of

another reason for the name is "we like the image of water," she said.

to emphasize the spirit of water there is a faucet on the new logo. the four
partners hope to open watershed in mid-october.

watershed will be open all day. "we want to reach out to decatur's lunch
community," saliers said. business, of course, will continue into the evening.

"i call it a one-stop date shop, where you can pick up wine, chocolate and
fresh flowers," saliers said. "it will be very low-key and very friendly. it
will be a fun place to go."

dominick coyne, of patrick coyne ltd., will design the interior of the
building, which will be completely renovated. coyne was instrumental in the
design of the interior of the new floataway cafe on zonolite road near emory
university in atlanta.

"it's going to be very fresh, very organic in its approach," michael
phillips, coyne's partner, said of the new cafe-shop's design.

"it's got an industrial bent, with exposed rafters and painted glass,"
saliers said. there will be seating inside and outside the store, which will
host wine tastings and other events.

"it's a huge commitment," saliers said, but one she and her friends are
ready to make.

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end of ig-news-digest v1 #178

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