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clemson braces for protesters at free speech forum
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by the associated press
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clemson -- thousands of clemson students are expected for spitfire tour '98, a
free speech forum thursday night. but critics got a head start on protesting
the event's celebrity speakers and their issues, including gay rights and the
legalization of marijuana.

several conservative groups charged wednesday that the performers are
promoting what they called the homosexual agenda. "queer rights is the goal,
and recruiting is their game plan," operation standard said in a news release.

headliners will include actor woody harrelson, indigo girls singer amy ray,
mtv personality kennedy, lesbian rights activist tracey conaty and nirvana's
krist novoselic. the speakers will discuss their area of specialty for about
15 minutes apiece, combining words with music and videos. a roundtable
discussion will follow.

"the hard-earned money which mothers and fathers have saved ... (to) send
their kids to get a world-class education is being pilfered by the gay
movement's tentacles -- all in the name of tolerance," operation standard
said, referring to student activities fees.

the news release, which also listed the council of conservative citizens,
citizens for traditional family values and the carolina family alliance as
protesting the forum, particularly criticized "punk rock" musicians, their
band names and song lyrics.

"what they say has no more or less value than what we have to say," organizer
sarah haynes said of the protesters. "it's a free speech tour, and we're not
going to say what's right or wrong."

campus police said the event would be handled much like appearances by ku klux
klan leader david duke, civil rights activist jesse jackson and heavy metal
concerts. "they've got some controversial issues, so we'll be on-hand if any
problems arise," chief lonnie saxon said.

school officials have said the event should help broaden students' horizon.

"nothing has sparked as much controversy as this has," said julie walters-
steele, director of university union programs. "i've taken lots of calls from
parents and alumni asking why we're doing this."

ms. haynes said even speakers and organizers differ in their views, so the
entourage is accustomed to in-depth discussions.

"we'd like to introduce these topics to a school that generally isn't very
open-minded about some things," ms. haynes said. "why would we want to go to a
place where everybody welcomes us?"

clemson is the first stop on the four-show tour. the forum starts at 7 p.m. at
littlejohn coliseum.

the tour, conceived by rage against the machine band member zach de la rocha,
will continue at the university of california at berkeley, vanderbilt
university in tennessee and the university of florida.

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