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  [ig-news] clemson spitfire tour mini-review              []


date: fri, 2 oct 1998 08:19:30 edt
subject: [ig-news] clemson spitfire tour mini-review

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hi everyone!

just wanted to let you know that the first stop of spitfire tour in clemson
last night went *very* well.  as far as i could see, there were no protests.
there were police, and a few news crews, but we saw no protesters.  and there
were no disruptions, etc., during amy's talk, or any of the other ones.
everyone listened quietly and was very supportive, i believe.    i think it
was *very* impressive to see this one lone woman stand up in front of
thousands of people (possibly hostile) and be as open and honest as she was
about her feelings.

amy talked for about 15-20 minutes on the high school cancellations, emily and
her's reactions, and their actions, and then was followed up by tracy conaty
(of the ngltf).    after tracy was done speaking, amy came back up and played
"go", and spoke of how she finished it after the high school show
cancellations.   the line about "kids can stand the rain" was written after
she looked out and saw all these kids standing in the rain, waiting to get in
to the rescheduled columbia show.

after the main talk, the speakers broke up into individual question & answer
sessions.   amy answered questions for about 75 minutes, covering everything
from the importance of coming out to the fact that they *are* planning on
another high school tour next touring season, on a bigger scale.   it went
very well - she looked relaxed, and very happy with the audience
participation.   afterwards, amy signed autographs, and talked individually to
a lot of the participants.

hopefully someone will post more details, but i had very little sleep, and
just wanted to get something out to everyone about the *protest that
(apparently) didn't happen*!


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