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ig-news-digest       saturday, october 17 1998       volume 01 : number 202

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  [ig-news] quick admin note                [sherlyn koo <>]


date: sat, 17 oct 1998 11:09:50 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] quick admin note

hey folks,

i just wanted to drop a brief note about this... some of you
may have heard that i'm giving up the administration of the
"regular" ig list at  i just wanted to let you
all know that this will in no way affect this list... i'll
still be looking after this list in exactly the same way as


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -               [sydney, australia]
"is my mind out there - and can i get it back?"  - cheryl wheeler

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