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  [ig-news] chicago sst 2nd show 8/26/98 tree  [monique barbanson <monique@e]


date: sat, 17 oct 1998 19:46:39 -0700
from: monique barbanson <>
subject: [ig-news] chicago sst 2nd show 8/26/98 tree

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

(warning: the following has been shamelessly adapted from one of deb's
tree announcements)
tapes and labels have all been mailed out to the branches, so if you'd
a copy of the 2nd chicago sst show (see lifeblood for the setlist),
please make arrangements with the person associated with your birthday

kathrin volunteered to be the european branch, but if there are others
outside the us who want the tape, i'm hopeful that you'll be able to
come to a satisfactory arrangement with either the person associated
with your birthday month or one of the branches near you.

the only stipulation i have is that *no one* can make a profit or
*require* a trade -- anyone should be able to get them by sending a 110
minute blank and an sase, though it would be nice to arrange a trade if
you can.

the quality of this show is very good for the most part, with some
saturation problems on the heavy electric pieces and still a bit too
much bass in some vocals. performers' chatter between the songs is very
audible thanks to the wonders of cooledit and unearthly screaming has
been almost completely removed at the cost alas, of some abrupt cuts.
the show fits on a 110min tape.

here are the branches:

mar    laura <>
apr     jude <>
aug     "mary b. post" <>
oct     leslie holeman <>
dec     shelley miller <>




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