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  [ig-news] a few indigo girls collectibles for sale (fwd)  [sherlyn koo <sh]


date: tue, 20 oct 1998 11:52:09 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] a few indigo girls collectibles for sale (fwd)

hey folks,

this was sent to the newsgroup...

- -sherlyn
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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
"we're born to shimmer, we're born to shine, we're born to radiate.
we're born to live, we're born to love, we're born to never hate..."
                                        - shawn mullins

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from: joe <>
subject: a few indigo girls collectibles for sale
date: sat, 17 oct 1998 16:36:10 -0400

hey folks,

a couple items i picked up recently...

put on your green shoes cd with the indigo girls doing wild wild party
under the loquat tree - $12

rites of passage song book - this book shows some wear..specifically on
the back it looks like it got scratched with something. the binding and
pages are fine and it would be fine for using to play guitar with - $10

closer to fine white label promo 7" single - $12

club r & r and epic records present an acoustic evening with the allman
brothers and the indigo girls - (silver disc) - $85

honor - 2 cd set with ig doing blood quantam - $10

michelle malone - beneath the devil moon - $9

michelle malone - bird on fire signed white label promo cd - $25

jonatha brooke and the story - 3 track promo cd w/ nothing sacred, war,
west point - $10

joni mitchell - how do you stop 2 versions promo single - $7

20 x 30 photo of the girls in concert - $40

20 x 30 photo of amy ray - $40

the photos listed above were taken by me - they are first run prints of
my negative and are numbered 1 - 10 and dated. i also have some 8 x 10
photos available - if you are interested, please drop me a line.

blue e.p. 6 song cd w/ blister in the sun - $25

blue e.p. poster from lilith fair. these posters have been extremely
tough for me to get. i had hoped to find a bunch so i could offer a
better price, but it hasn't worked out. it's a great poster, but please
check around because you may do better than i was able to do. - $35

please write with any questions. postage is $3 per order (photos/photo
are $3 extra if ordered with other items)

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