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date: fri, 20 nov 1998 02:16:05 -0500
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subject: [ig-news] nov 18 show at eddie's

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hey all,

some impressions from thursday's show at eddie's:

the four of them (amy, rose polenzani, beth wood and danielle howle) took
turns doing songs essentially solo with one or two of the others singing
backup sometimes.  they did 4 rounds in both shows.  [32 songs for $10 --
quite a bargain!]

i hadn't seen rose or beth before and was very impressed with both.  i've
seen danielle plenty before and i always have the same impression: she's a
solid musical performer but she's even funnier than she is musically
talented.  it's distracting from her musical delivery how funny she is.  i'm
actually kind of frightened by her sense of humor.  when rose needed to
pause and tune her guitar, amy asked danielle to tell a story while they
were waiting so she starts to give out tips for the next time you go camping
in the woods: if you're on your period, bears can smell the blood and they
think you're wounded so they'll come and attack you.

in the first show, amy did:

oh, osalynn (sp?) -- this is now a full song with several verses (much more
fleshed out than on the 9:30 boot).  she said she wrote it for her
grandmother and also for a friend who's been sick.  probably my second
favorite of her songs (after "sister").
go -- no new info on this one: an old song she rewrote after the irmo high
school stuff
the boys just laugh -- she said that she went out with a guy on what she
hoped was a date but the guy either didn't think of it that way or else got
embarrassed at the appearance of its being a date when his friends came
around.  (is it just me, or does anybody else feel like gunther from
"friends"?)  a couple of lyrics changes: "i guess he does and i knew he
_should_" instead of "would" and "come on now _graceful_" instead of "come
on now _special_".
gone again -- she said that while in australia she met a couple of women
that she liked and tried to be free-wheeling and date them both at the same
time in some kind of open relationship but it wasn't happening so she just
gave up on both of them.  this one is already a crowd favorite.  lots of
people in the crowd must have boots.

in the second show she did:

sister -- she said this song was about "a motorcycle in the rain".
oh, osalynn (sp?)
gone again

amy invited anyone in the audience to join her and her friends on a road
trip to ft. benning (columbus, ga) to protest the school of the americas
this coming saturday and sunday.  don't have the exact details but it
sounded like saturday would be a tame sit-in/vigil whereas sunday would be
"an opportunity to be arrested" (whatever that means).


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