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  [ig-news] new uk radio prog with some igc  [john bond <john_bond@mailcity.]


date: sat, 28 nov 1998 04:18:04 -0700
from: john bond <>
subject: [ig-news] new uk radio prog with some igc

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hi guys -

sorry i don'twrite much, but i had to tell the list about this -----

i'm not sure if you've been told this yet, but there's a new radio series going out in the uk that might have some ig stuff in it (even if they're not specifically covered). it's called "girls and guitars", and for uk listers, it's going out at 10.30pm on bbc radio 2. it covers singers like shawn colvin and jewel, and it's already had some ig content  from the shawn colvin - they wre talked about, if not heard from - they were talked about by  shawn.

if the us listers, or anybody else , wants this booted, i'd be happy to do it after the series has finished - i'll give out some more info then as well.

bye y'all.....


(oh yeah - e-mail me if you want more info....)

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