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  [ig-news] school of the americas      [sarah brady <>]
  [ig-news] watershed             [sheryl jones <>]
  [ig-news] the "women of rock" poster : indigo girls  [carolyn <underdog@ea]


date: tue, 1 dec 1998 09:39:01 -0500
from: sarah brady <>
subject: [ig-news] school of the americas

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this was in my school newspaper yesterday, thought ya'll might like to
read it! :)  i was most excited to see the igc!

- -sarah

they came as pilgrams remembrance of six jesuit priests and thousands
like them massacred by latin american militia over the past four decades.

like freedom fighters poised to tear apart a wall of army secrecy and
oppression, the protesters arrived nov. 22 hand in hand, young and
old, able-bodied and handicapped.

their deserted cars formed a seemingly endless train that snaked along
the four-lane highway from the gates of this military installation to the
tattoo parlor and laundromat nearly half a mile away.

spiritual folk music filled the sun-swept georgia sky summoning
protesters to pound the walls of the home of the u.s. army school of the

  divided only by two ribbons of black asphalt and orange-striped police
barricades, protesters united at the main entrance to fort benning,
lifting their collective voice in a single admonishment of the "school of
the assassins."

but the vigil was not a one-day event. it began nov. 20,
with only a handful in attendance. on saturday, numbers climbed to
1,500, equalling the previous year's maximum mark. by sunday a
new record had been set. official estimates put the crowd near
3, 000.  organizers said it was more than double that figure at 7,000.

celebrities, such as actor martin sheen and singer amy ray of indigo
girls fame, circulated among the grandmothers for peace, the
transvestites, gays, lesbians and veterans who made the trek to this city
100 miles south of atlanta.


  a&e  "i will walk down the street. i will hold my head high. i will say
   #    hello to everyone i meet. i will have love in my heart.  when i
   #    have hate, i will turn my hate into energy. and when i have anger,
  _#_   i will turn my anger into energy. when i am negative, i will be
( # )  negative only for as long as i need to be, until i understand it
/ o \  and then i will be positive. and i will not be complacent. and i
( === ) will not be complacent. and i will not be a racist. and i will not
'---'  a sexist. and i will not be a homophobic asshole. and i will love.
and i will love. and i will be happy that i am alive."  -amy ray


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date: mon, 30 nov 1998 07:56:28 -0600
from: sheryl jones <>
subject: [ig-news] watershed

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

copyright 1998 the atlanta constitution the atlanta journal and constitution

november 27, 1998, friday, all editions

headline: just opened; 'meet' market offers gifts, gourmet

byline: robbyn footlick

what: watershed. where: 406 w. ponce de leon ave., decatur. the players:
the most famous --- and very visible --- owner is emily saliers, half of
the folk-rock duo the indigo girls. also leslie zweben, ross jones and
susan owens, who also owns the common pond in virginia-highland. the
concept: it's a restaurant and wine bar. a gourmet food shop. a flower,
candle and card shop. a "meet" market. it's all of the above.

located in the shell of a former service station, the 4,000-square-foot
watershed looks absolutely nothing like its predecessor except for the
converted garage doors, which are now glass and, in mild weather, raised to
reveal the store's tres chic interiors.

sage green adirondack chairs sit on the concrete patio in front. inside
there are exotic fresh and dried flowers, tables covered with gurgling
meditation fountains, bottles of fetzer chardonnay nestled among pyramids
of cranberry-and-lemon-scented soaps and pomegranate candles, and racks of
greeting cards --- all for sale, and that's before you hit the main room,
with the food, wine and bar.

customers mill about as if it's a private party, chuckling in pairs over
sarcastic birthday cards, sharing whiffs of soap. others stroll in as if
it's "cheers," heading straight for the wine bar, patting friends on the
back and waving hello to saliers, who is bustling about picking up dishes,
taking orders for food and drink and stopping to speak to her "guests."
they're mostly young couples, gay and straight; mostly childless (which is
good, because there's little here for children to eat and lots for them to
break); mostly fashionable.

in the back room, there's the wine bar and a wine selection that's both
extensive and somewhat confusing to navigate, with whites and reds
displayed side by side. small metal tables fill the rest of the large room.
the equally large front room includes the kitchen with its deli counter,
refrigerated cases with various cheeses, and more tables of foods and
gifts. the food: with former horseradish grill chef scott peacock in charge
of the kitchen right now (bacchanalia chef anne quatrano created the
original menu), and a devotion to organic ingredients, don't be surprised
to see a locally grown, fall vegetable salad --- and don't be surprised to
see it priced at $ 12 a pound.

other salads range from "old-fashioned" potato salad to french green lentil
with cumin and coriander, cucumbers with wilted leeks and tarragon and
chioggia beets in ginger sauce.

the fancy sandwiches include salmon, pickled scallions, capers and
horseradish and chicken salad with homemade white truffle mayonnaise, pine
nuts and sultana raisins --- served on breadgarden bread, which watershed
also sells. side orders of the prepared salads are $ 2.50.

there are two soups ($ 5 a bowl) --- one vegetarian --- and homemade
flatbreads whose ingredients change daily.

there's also a nice selection of imported cheeses and olives; desserts,
including peacock's killer chocolate cake; and tons of jars of foodstuffs
that usually serve as great host or hostess gifts. the service: friendly
but not hugely efficient, which offers ample time to browse and buy more.
prognosis: if it can convert the curious into devoted customers --- and
work on pricing and options for kids (organic peanut butter and jelly,
perhaps?) --- watershed should be around for a while. just the facts:
telephone: 404-378-4900. hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. tuesdays-thursdays; 11
a.m.-11 p.m. fridays and saturdays; noon-8 p.m. sundays. all major credit
cards accepted. salads, $ 5-12 a pound; sandwiches, $ 7-8; wines $ 6.99 and
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sheryl jones
cooper seay page:
bootleg page:

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date: tue, 1 dec 1998 08:35:22 -0800
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] the "women of rock" poster : indigo girls

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i received an email on this project and wanted to pass the information along
to those who might be interested.  i am in no way affiliated with this
organization.  if you have questions on the project there is a link on their

have a good day,



i am working with a famous rock poster artist by the name
of bob masse. he and i have worked together for a while, producing
posters for various bands and musicians (recently this has included
posters of tori amos, fiona apple and stevie nicks). his latest poster
is called
"women of rock", and it is one of his most beautiful works yet. the
poster features the names of important female musicians from the past 30

years, written around the perimeter of the poster. the indigo girls  are
course) featured as well as a host of legends. in addition, 20% of the
proceeds from the sale of the poster will benefit a list of charities
(each buyer picks the charity they want the money from their poster to
go to). charities include st judes childrens hospital, city of hope,
rainn and the arizona heart institute.

what i would like to ask is if you would be willing to help me promote
this project to people that visit your site? first, please visit the web

page for the poster at

alisdair horn
"women of rock"

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