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  [ig-news] amy at eddies attic...again!!  [sheryl jones <sljones1@facstaff.]
  [ig-news] fwd: ig, malone, lee, howle art auction at "watershed" 12/13  [d]
  [ig-news] sweet relief                   [carolyn <>]
  [ig-news] re: austin city limits hmpg.      [diane wong <>]


date: thu, 3 dec 1998 15:28:05 -0600
from: sheryl jones <>
subject: [ig-news] amy at eddies attic...again!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

just got this from the eddie's attic mailing list:

sunday, december 27 - amy ray, michelle malone, and danielle howle
amy is hosting another super writers' night.  if you missed the one in
november (or couldn't get in), here's another chance.  they will play an
in-the-round format where they are all on stage together and take turns
playing their own songs.  there will be two shows - 7:00 (all ages/no
smoking) and 9:30 (21&over).
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sheryl jones
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date: thu, 03 dec 1998 14:48:23 -0500
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: ig, malone, lee, howle art auction at "watershed" 12/13

forward from the ani list:

>from: alan storm <>
>subject: earth challenge
>date: mon, 30 nov 1998 12:09:51 -0500 (est)
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>this was sent to me, and i send it onto you.  if someone could post this
>to the fans list i'd appreciate it, since i'm not subed over there.
>alan storm
>ani difranco, jason mercer, julie wolf, sara lee, and larry berger (ani's
>pa tech) have each created a piece of artwork for an art auction
>benefiting earth challenge, a new non-profit organization created to
>challenge people to become active in defense of the earth and its
>communities. through endurance events such as long distance bike rides
>and mountain climbs, earth challenge generates financial support, raises
>awareness, and inspires action to serve communities presently working to
>protect the environment and to promote sustainable living. earth
>challenge is currently organizing a six week long biking and hiking
>journey from atlanta, georgia to the havasupai community in the grand
>canyon. participants each raise a dollar per mile of the ride, which is
>over 2000 miles long, for the havasupai environmental initiatives fund.
>the art auction will take place on december 13, 1998 from 9-11pm at
>watershed in decatur, ga, and features a painting by ani, a pair of
>bracelets made from bass strings by jason, an oil pastel by julie, a
>cartoon drawing by sara, and a photograph by larry. for more infomation,
>please visit

[direct url is <>]

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deb \\ \\

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date: thu, 3 dec 1998 06:32:13 -0800
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] sweet relief

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i received an email on this project and wanted to pass the information along
to those who might be interested.  i am in no way affiliated with this
organization.  if you have questions on the project there is a link on their

have a good day,



the sweet relief musicians fund is currently auctioning a rare collection of
holiday and personal items donated by top names in the music and
entertainment industry, with proceeds going to the sweet relief musicians
fund*.  contributors include indigo girls, bonnie raitt, ben harper, barbra
streisand, bb king, adam sandler, the counting crows, tom jones, ann
magnuson, lenny kraviz, ani di franco, beastie boys, nick cave, marilyn
mason, madonna, jackson browne, bette midler, rem, and many others!

the auction is being held on the beverly hills charity auction web site:

the auction runs from december 1 - december 8.  could you please support
this worthy cause and mention this auction on your web site?  if you need
further information, please don't hesitate to ask!

*sweet relief musicians fund is a non-profit organization founded by
singer/songwriter victoria williams to provide financial assistance to
musicians in need.  hundreds of musicians have received sweet relief grants
when they had no other place to turn.  in the past four years, sweet relief
has granted over $450,000 for alternative care, medical bills, and living
expenses.  supported by the music community and private funds, sweet relief
is known for its grass roots and low overhead.

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date: thu, 3 dec 1998 00:40:42 pst
from: diane wong <>
subject: [ig-news] re: austin city limits hmpg.

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

>from that site, i found out under tv schedule and subsequently checking
local listings for december 5, that nationally, pbs is airing the
concert featuring the ig with three other artists.

i'm bummed because they aren't replaying it here in los angeles (kcet)
on that day.  oh well, i was lucky enough to catch it the first time it
aired last february.  it compounded my interest in ig somewhat, that
vonda shepard of ally mcbeal sang a duet with emily saliers of ig--emily
was seated at a microphone, and vonda was playing the piano and singing.
it's beautiful!  don't miss it, if you can help it.

there's a neat little bio of ig on the site that i didn't want to recopy
onto here--oh, what the hell, here it is:

the grammy award-winning duo indigo girls and acclaimed
singer/songwriter kim richey bring inspired songs and
       heartfelt performances to austin city limits saturday, february
28, 1998, on pbs (check local listings).

       with elements of folk and rock and a penchant for songwriting,
the indigo girls - amy ray and emily saliers - thoughtfully
       fuse their musical visions into an intimate and spirited sound.
they return to austin city limits following the release of their
       seventh album, shaming of the sun, with a goal of bringing
together songwriters who share their vision. they hand-picked
       three special guests freedy johnston, vonda shepard and mark
eitzel to perform both individually and with them in this
       intimate live setting.

       both ray and saliers agree that there's a special dynamic in
performing with new artists. "i think it's good to bring a little
       variety into the shows, it makes it a little fresher," ray says.
"you hear some new voices, and maybe some people in our
       audience will hear new voices, too, and that's kind of part of
our mission." on austin city limits the indigos also perform
       new songs, affirming their formidable artistic strengths as
songwriters and performers. songs include "get out the map"
       and "shame on you," their first hit single from shaming of the

       growing up in decatur, georgia, ray and saliers began playing
music together in high school. while at emory university in
       1983, they christened themselves the indigo girls. in 1987 they
released their first self-titled album on their own label,
       indigo records. their major label debut in 1989, also a
self-titled release, earned them a grammy for best contemporary
       folk recording. with four subsequent grammy nominations and the
almost religious support of fans and music press, the
       indigo girls consistently prove themselves first-rate songwriters
and musicians.


and here's another little bio from their 1992 appearance on acl:

the indigo girls may seem like an overnight success, with a debut album
that shot to gold and earned a grammy award.
       amy ray and emily saliers actually met as sixth-graders in
decatur, georgia, and began singing together in high school.
       they adopted the name indigo girls during their undergraduate
days at emory university in atlanta, releasing a single in
       1985 on their own indigo label. they continued working on the
indigo label until 1988, when they signed with epic records
       and released indigo girls, which went gold and earned the duo the
best contemporary folk group grammy in 1989. beautiful
       harmonies and human, poignant songwriting give their music an
almost mystical appeal. not content to simply sing about
       humanistic values, the indigo girls actively support causes
ranging from low-income housing to aids research.


okay, if you are still reading, here's a delight i found on the acl
website:  when i clicked on my local station listings by state: a
picture of amy is on the left column, and emily on the right column,
pops up! (these column pictures alternate with a pic of lyle lovett, and
other artists.) i'm sure someone has mentioned this before, but it just
made me laugh out loud.

love and hugs,

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