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ig-news-digest       wednesday, december 9 1998       volume 01 : number 230

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  [ig-news] [indigo-girls] austin city limits in l.a.!  [sgb29641@email.csun]
  [ig-news] daemon records monthly mail  []


date: tue, 8 dec 1998 10:45:47 -0800
subject: [ig-news] [indigo-girls] austin city limits in l.a.!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

        good news for all you l.a. folks out there who were disappointed
about the ig acl episode not being aired last friday.  i checked this
month's kcet listings guide (what can i say, i'm a kcet member) and that
episode will be airing on none other than christmas!  in the guide, the
friday, december 25 episode of austin city limits will feature indigo
girls (along with their special guests) and kim richey.  how's that for a
christmas present?  :)

        screaming in cathedrals,
"how i long to fall just a little bit, to dance out of the lines and stray
into the light; but i fear that to fall in love with you is to fall from a
great and gruesome height . . . "  -- dar williams, "iowa (traveling iii)"

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date: tue, 8 dec 1998 15:01:13 -0600 (cst)
subject: [ig-news] daemon records monthly mail

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt from the latest daemon
records newsletter.]


***jcs donations***
we just wrote checks in the total of $45,000.00 to handgun violence
organizations from the proceeds of jesus christ superstar!!!!!
many thanks to all of you who have supported the cd and daemon.   all the
hard work has allowed us to send donations to four very important
non-profit organizations.
recipients are:
center to prevent handgun violence   washington, dc
georgians against handgun violence  atlanta, ga
urban training organization  atlanta, ga
p.a.v.e.  jonesboro, ar
if you would like info on any of the organizations check out our links page or
e-mail us.  we'll be happy to provide you with addresses etc.


***earth challenge benefit***
sunday, december 13th
art  auction (not a live music event) at watershed, decatur, ga
artists include amy ray, emily saliers, todd murphy, ani difranco, m.
malone,wendy bucklew, kristen hall,....
all proceeds to benefit earth challenge, a new non profit organization
created to challenge people to become active in the defense of the earth
and its communities
9pm        for more info,

hey, e-mail bids will be taken so check out their site for details.

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