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  [ig-news] documentary with poss. ig content on c4 (uk)  [john bond <john_b]


date: sat, 19 dec 1998 04:48:29 -0700
from: john bond <>
subject: [ig-news] documentary with poss. ig content on c4 (uk)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this might be interesting to uk listees (i know there has to be some of

there's a documentary on channel 4, at 12.40 on tuesday night. it's called
"righteous babes", and possibly will include ani and ig content. it could
be interesting, as we don't often see the ig, jewel, or even sm on uk tv.

oh yeah - jewel is going to be touring in the uk next year......

john bond.

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