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  [ig-news] igc:  daemon big bang sampler                  []


date: wed, 23 dec 1998 08:04:01 est
subject: [ig-news] igc:  daemon big bang sampler

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more info on the new daemon multimedia big bang sampler!!

i just thought i would mention that this is a limited edition (meaning they
didn't make that many!) so you may want to order it soon.   it's $6.00 and
it's on the daemon web site (

if you get it, and love it, you should let them know - they would appreciate
the feedback!

there *is* igc on this cdrom, in the multimedia portion.   there is video
footage from jesus christ superstar, and a new mongrels video, shot in the
studio as they were recording the cd.    there are also videos for the various
artists featured, as well as sound clips and reviews.   artists featured
include:  three finger cowboy, danielle howle & the tantrums, indigenous,
terri binion, belloluna, jesus christ superstar, the rock*a*teens, new
mongrels, reversing hour and lift.

and if for some reason, you can't play the multimedia section of the cd-rom,
the collection of music put together on the sampler is great too!   the very
best of daemon.  two great things for the price of one =)   and all for $6.00.


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