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  [ig-news] amy's 1998 top 10 list (from allstar)  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@fl.]
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date: sun, 10 jan 1999 17:28:01 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy's 1998 top 10 list (from allstar)

hey folks,

this is from rocktropolis/allstar (

- -sherlyn

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january 7, 1999
allstar 1998 artist top 10 lists

today's guests: indigo girls' amy ray, possum dixon's byron l. reynolds,
sevendust's lajon, jason falkner

we asked a bunch of musicians, as well as some producer/ remixer types,
to list their top 10 favorite albums of this year, in the hope that this
may shed some light on their taste, their character, and maybe even the
year in music.  one warning: some artist choices may not actually be
albums; some may not have actually been released in 1998; some may even
be so obscure that we can't possibly confirm their existence. and some
artists... well, clearly they're just toying with us. whatever. they're
artists. peruse at your own risk.

amy ray, indigo girls

(in no particular order)

1. fugazi, end hits
2. the butchies, are we not femme?
3. mrs. fun, groove
4. danielle howle and the tantrums, do a two sable
5. 3 finger cowboy, kissed
6. come, gently down the stream
7. lisa germano, "reptile"
8. rose polenzani, dragersville (
9. air, moon safari
10. pearl jam, yield

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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
"have you ever had life pour in like sunlight through the window?
have you ever had love pour down like summer in the rain?
have you ever had justice come and settle in your corner?
well if you never have, it will happen one day."     - susan werner

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date: sun, 10 jan 1999 17:35:37 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] recording news from allstarmag

hey folks,

this article comes from rocktropolis/allstar (

- -sherlyn

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january 8, 1999

indigo girls hit the studio in february

one of the hardest working duos in show business will be getting back on
the bus in february. the indigo girls, who have been writing new material
for the past six months, will head tolondon to record new tracks with
sinead o'connor's band during the first week of february, according to a
spokesperson for epic records.

whether or not the girls work on any new tracks with o'connor herself
depends on the singer's schedule (she's currently working on her own
album with producer dave stewart (allstar, dec. 22, 1998). the duo will
be recording one or two new tracks at the home studio of o'connor's

the following week, the duo will head to their drummer jerry marotta's
home studio in woodstock, new york to work on a few more tracks before
heading back to their hometown of atlanta and recording the remainder of
the new album. a producer hasn't been chosen yet. a few songs the duo
performed on last year's suffragette sessions tour (allstar, july 16,
1998), including the amy ray-penned "go," may turn up on the new album,
their seventh studio effort overall and first since 1997's shaming of
the sun.

  -- kevin raub

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