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  [ig-news] lots of fun collectibles for you  [sarah wiegmann <sanawike@aol.]
  [ig-news] fw: indigo girls, emmylou harris perform against capital punishment  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@fl.n]


date: tue, 2 mar 1999 12:43:55 est
from: sarah wiegmann <>
subject: [ig-news] lots of fun collectibles for you

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

hello, all!
      it's me, again, with a bunch of rare and not-so-rare stuff for you...
i'm not setting prices; i'll just take pffers and we can go from there.  it's
mostly michelle malone and indigo girls stuff, so if someone wants to forward
this to the m<ichelle list i'd really appreciate it, since i'm not on that one
anymore... everything is either brand spankin' new or in great condition.
here's what i have:


indigo girls - "rites of passage" - cd, sony, 1992 - demonstration, tri-fold
cardboard cut-out case, picture disc.  really cool.

indigo girls - "shed your skin" - ep cd, sony, 1998 - promotional, red cover,
5 songs


backstage passes:

all access - first annual monsterjam '98 music festival - october, mills
river, nc - laminate signed by michelle on white cord

ben & jerry's folf festival newport - artist - 1998, list of all artists on
reverse.  i have 2 of these.  both say m. malone at the bottom, but one is
signed... passes #ed 153 and 154.

newprt folk festival - artist - 1996, list on reverse, no name, pass # 138

indigo girls - all access pass from the map tour on a red band embroidered
with "wolf trap"

ban the dam jam - all access pass on burgundy cord

michelle's music midtown festival 1997 artist pass - laminate on white cord

lilith fair all access pass for aug 9 to aug 12, 1997 - blue, says "michelle"
on the back, hung on a really neat shoestring that says lilith fair all over

new south music shocase pass printed with michelle malone, indigo girls swamp
ophelia all access sticker stuck on the back of it.

indigo girls swamp ophelia all access laminate pass with the fly design on
black cord

that's it for passes, though i know i have another ig one around here


let me know what you think of these things... they go to the people with the
best offers... peace, love, and happiness, sarah

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date: wed, 03 mar 1999 11:41:01 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: indigo girls, emmylou harris perform against capital punishment

hi folks,

the article below comes from rocktropolis

- -sherlyn

march 1, 1999
indigo girls, emmylou harris perform against capital punishment

the indigo girls, emmylou harris, steve earle, and jackson browne
will come together for a benefit against capital punishment in
tennessee in april.

the tennessee coalition to abolish state killing (tcask), along
with travelling activist group the journey of hope... from
violence to healing, will host the soiree at ryman auditorium in
nashville on april 12. in addition to the above musical talent,
sister helen prejean, author of dead man walking, will speak at
the concert.

the journey is an annual two-week tour that travels to a
different state every year promoting alternatives to the death
penalty. members of the journey consist of family members of
murder victims, death row survivors, and family members of death
row prisoners. this year's tour takes place in nashville,
memphis, chattanooga, and knoxville from april 11-25. previous
tours have taken place in indiana, georgia, virginia, california,
and texas.

tickets for the benefit range from $18.50-$22.50 and go on sale
march 5 through tennessee area ticketmaster outlets.

- -- kevin raub

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sherlyn koo -                   [sydney, australia]
"hold out your heart and on it let the sun shine down,
open your mind and through it let the wisdom pour..."   - jann arden

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #38

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