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date: sat, 13 mar 1999 17:25:44 est
subject: [ig-news] original srange fire for sale

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey y'all...
my friend has an original strange fire album that she wants to sale. it is in
excellent condition and she has even opened for them on tour. unfortunately
she is real low on cash and is having to get rid of it and a few other things.
if anyone is interested please let me would be a great help.
thanks, lindsay

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date: sat, 13 mar 1999 14:57:39 -0500
from: chris talbot <>
subject: [ig-news] the info from the web

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  this is the latest
information from the official ig website at]

for those of you without (or with!) web access, here's the info from the
epic site!
chris ii

indigo girls began work on their sixth studio recording for epic in
february. they recorded five new songs in london at john reynolds' studio.
john is the drummer in senead o'connor's band, which also includes claire
kenny on bass, carol isaacs on keyboards and accordion, and caroline dale on
cello, all of whom play on the tracks. natasha atlas also added some unique
backing vocals on a song entitled faye tucker. other songs recorded are go,
sister, soon be to nothing, and philosophy of loss.
in late february, army and emily recorded pre-production tracks in woodstock
for gone again, ozilene, and compromise. ric danko and garth hudson (from
the band) played on gone again and ozilene. jerry marotta and sara lee
played drums and bass respectively, except on compromise which featured
josephine wiggs on bass and kate schellenbach on drums.

full recording sessions for the album begin in early april with malcolm
burns producing and mixing. we hope to complete the album by early summer
and release it after labor day.

lilith fair festival dates are confirmed for atlanta on july 24th as well as
august 19-31. the august run includes chicago, toronto, milwaukee,
minneapolis, and denver, wrapping up in edmonton on august 31. also, we are
confirming the newport folk festival on august 8th.

journey of hope
"journey of hope - from violence to healing," is a two-week speaking tour
featuring the thoughts and feelings of families of murder victims, who are
also opposed to the death penalty. the indigo girls take a break from
recording and head to nashville, tennessee on april 12, to perform a benefit
concert with steve earle, emmylou harris, and jackson brown at the famous
ryman auditorium in nashville.

cuba is the setting for, "music bridge.... over troubled waters". indigo
girls t eam up with a legendary roster of american and european musicians to
meet and write songs with their cuban counterparts, march 21-29 in havana.
indigo girls, and 35 other american and european musicians, such a peter
buck of r.e.m., mick fleetwood, jimmy buffet, burt bacharach, don was, andy
summers, stewart copeland, ben folds five, chuck d., timothy b. schmit
(eagles), joan osborne, mavericks (raul malo), lisa loeb, montell jordan,
brenda russell, the chieftans (paddy maloney), beth nielsen chapman, john
hiatt, mark hudson, mi'shell nge'de'cello, michael franti (spearhead), lee
roy parnell, peter framton, richie sambora, duncan shiek, dave koz, and gary
burr will collaborate with the cream of the crop of cuban music makers. juan
de marcos and ruben gonzalez of buena vista social club, papa terry and
yosvany terry of columna b, los ban ban (juan formell, poopi), chuco valdez,
orlando "maraca" valle, pablo milanes, sierra maestra, and sintesis, are the
cuban musicians on tap for this historic event, cuban and western song
writers working side by side. this is a totally non-commercial event that is
meant to bridge the gap between two cultures for the sake of songwriting and
making music. a free concert featuring some of the newly created works, plus
some existing ones, is scheduled for sunday, march 28th. "cuba, with it's
legendary musicians, songs, and hypnotic musical rhythms and rich cultural
history promises to be magical, "says music bridges founder alan scott. look
for a possible video documentary of the project in cuba in the near future.

honor the earth
look for a new honor the earth tour in the year 2000. find out about honor
the earth by visiting their web site:

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