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  [ig-news] wonderful donation opportunity :)  [joe hamilton <fortunate1@min]


date: mon, 5 apr 1999 15:57:29 -0400
from: joe hamilton <>
subject: [ig-news] wonderful donation opportunity :)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at and may be of interest to
some of you...]

hey folks,

my good buddy jay is one of 3,000 great people participating in the 6th
annual california aids ride. this ride takes place the second week of june
and goes from san francisco to los angeles (somewhere in the neighborhood
of 560 miles). it's a fantastic event for an extremely worthy cause. you
can learn more about the ride by visiting the official website at

some of you might know jay from our time following the ig around together.
he's a great guy and could really use some help raising the $2500 he needs
to participate. as an incentive, i've got some photos available to reward
your generous donation. you'll receive a color  8 x 10 photo for each $25
donation. if you feel inspired to give $100 you'll get the full four photo
set and an ig t-shirt. if you can manage $150, you'll get all the items
mentioned so far as well as the new live blue cover shed your skin e.p. w/
5 live tracks. for $250, jay and i will be your best friend and you'll get
all the items listed plus a very exclusive 2 cd live set ..a complete live
show from 1994.

of course $25 is by no means a minimum..jay and the california aids ride
will very much appreciate anything you can spare.

if you'd like to participate, we can accept most forms of payment. the
preferred method would be a check or money order payable to: california
aids ride. please include jay's rider number: 3058 in the memo section of
your check. i can also process credit card donations through my fortunate
ones site and send a check on your behalf.

please mail all correspondence/payments to me at:

joe hamilton
1424 southwood dr.
ashland oh 44805

i'll send out all reward items and then forward the checks as a group to
the california aids ride. i'll include a little note mentioning the list
and i'll be sending (or perhaps hand delivering) a list t-shirt for jay to
wear on the ride.  after the ride, i'll make sure some photos are posted
for everyone to check out.  we know that the ig have been active in
supporting aids related causes and i hope you will too! please feel free to
write with any and all questions/comments.
we are fortunate ones,

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