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date: tue, 6 apr 1999 17:46:31 edt
from: lisa dupre <>
subject: [ig-news] re: fw: vonda shepard review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

if you live in the atlanta area, and have some money you'd like to part with,
emily will be performing the "song" with vonda next saturday (april 17th) at
a local fundraiser.   apparently her appearance was supposed to be a
surprise, but someone forgot to tell that to the local radio station that's
been talking about it all week.

the money is being raised for the chastain horse park, and will include a
concert by vonda, special appearance by emily and also christopher reeve will
be giving a speech.   tickets are $250 each, and includes dinner and open
bar.   there will also be a silent auction.   i'd imagine this is a highclass
affair - the chastain area in atlanta is one of the more affluent
neighborhoods in the city.

if you're interested in attending, i can pass on the phone number of the
organizers.  please email me privately.


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